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Laughable: Russian Liberals Run for Parliament (Video)

Do they really believe people will buy their crap?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

I have two news items: one good, and one very good.

Let me start with a good one:  the liberal Party for People’s Freedom (Parnas) is running candidates for the State Duma in the September election. Its electoral ad, presented by the party leader and ex-PM Mikhail ("Misha 2 per cent" – for the kickbacks he allegedly took for every contract he approved) Kasyanov, is everywhere on the Internet in a well produced and amusing clip. Cheers to Russian political pluralism!

<figcaption>A ladies' man</figcaption>
A ladies' man

The really good news is that Parnas stands no chance of being elected. Not only has the clip’s omnipresence invited serious criticism, exposing Kasyanov playing with statistics. There’s endless squabbling among the party leadership that failed to hold proper primaries to select the best and the brightest to run for parliament. For the Russians, this is a "storm in a teapot"- or a glass of water, as the popular saying goes.

For better or worse, "liberal" has become an expletive for Russians because of its association with Yeltsin’s wild '90s: personalities change but the stigma remains.

To top it all off, their platform calls for returning the Crimea to the Ukraine! So, run Misha, run Misha, run, run, run!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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