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AT LAST! The Russian Army Invading Ukraine Has Been FOUND! (Video)

At least part of the Russian army has been located in Donbass, reports Ukraine's SBU - but the greater part of Putin's invasion force intended to conquer Ukraine and reestablish the Soviet Union apparently still remains to be found

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What must surely be one of the slowest, most incompetently executed invasions of one country by another in the history of the world -- the conquest of Ukraine by Putin's Russia -- finally has something to show for it.

For nearly two years, the world has sat in wonderment at the "hybrid war" being waged by Russia against Ukraine - that is, the attempt to undermine and take over the country without ever showing any overt, visible signs of actually doing so.

You know, like an actual invading army? Or actual false propaganda? Or something more than grainy black and white satellite pictures of combine harvesters?

Now, at long last, the chief of Ukraine's SBU (the country's domestic intelligence and security service) has located the Russian invasion force - all 56 of them!

At least the Ukrainian regime has made progress since last year, when the chief of staff of the Ukrainian armed forces, who I guess hadn't got the memo from Porky and Yats that they were fighting a Russian phantom army, blurted this out to the world:

Of course that was totally ignored by Western media.

Or since this guy, a major in the Ukrainian army and observer behind the lines who was driven 300 km all over separatist-controlled Donbass and still could not locate the Russian army:

No wonder it's taking the Russians so long to reach Kiev! If only the rest of the aggressors would come out of "the shadows" to fight, they might have a chance. But Putin's deviousness knows no bounds. It's hybrid war!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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