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Kremlin Manipulates American Pet Lovers - NY Times

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Yes, this happened.


In a New York Times article yesterday, we were warned about the following Russian 'stealth' activity ...

The Times ominously intoned: (emphasis added by RI)

Under ... growing public outcry (perhaps they meant derision? - ed.), Facebook on Monday turned over more than 3,000 of the Russia-linked advertisements  ...  an attempt to learn the depth of what investigators now believe was a sprawling foreign effort spanning years to interfere with the 2016 United States presidential election.

Of course, just who these 'investigators' are is super-secret, as are other mysterious people involved:

They were described to The New York Times by two people familiar with the social network and its ads who were not authorized to discuss them publicly.

We wonder if this is some of the 'evidence' (taken from RI's YouTube channel) presented to all these top-secret investigators running around on the tax-payer's dime:

Twitter exploded in mirth:

Mark Ames put it best.

The End

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