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Kolomoisky Just Created a New Political Party: "Ukrop"

Kolomoisky's new "Ukrop" political party will include ex-officials, businessmen, journalists and members of Right Sector

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Yes, oligarch-psycho Ihor Kolomoisky has created a new political party — "Ukrop" or "Dill", the somewhat derogatory term used to describe Ukrainians. The new organization will include politicians and activists who were forced from power after Kolomoisky's unceremonious removal as governor of Dnepropetrovsk. 


The party boasts members of Right Sector, as well as owners and journalists of the rabidly anti-Russian Internet news site Censor.net. 

This seems almost too crazy to be true, so we apologize ahead of time if it turns out to be a fake Onion story. 

UPDATE: We're digging through Russian and Ukrainian media in a desperate attempt to confirm this outrageous story. Here's what Gazeta.ru has reported:

A group of politicians close to the Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky intend to create a political party, "Dill", reports "Ukrainian Pravda".
It became known from SMS-messages, sent during a session in the Verkhovna Rada. Journalists managed to take a picture of this message. From this it follows that among the possible members of the party are considered Gennady Korban, Boris Filatov, Vladimir Parasyuk, Dmitry Yarosh, Borislav Birch, Sergei Ivanov, Oleg Pokalchuk and Yury Kasyanov.
The message also said that on July 3 a meeting will be held, followed by a constituent assembly on July 4. 

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