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Kiev's Coal Blockade: Wreaking Havoc on Ukraine but Great Business for US

Since Kiev won't buy coal from Donbass or Russia Trump is happy to offer it far costlier American coal

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The blockade that right-wing nationalists forced Kiev to impose against Donbass coal may have gutted its industry and power generation but there may be at least one beneficiary: Trump's ambition to export US energy.

Speaking at an Energy Department event, the US president spoke of a bold new plan to "unleash a new American energy policy" and achieve the "golden era" of "energy dominance" through the export of oil, coal and LNG. He specifically mentioned Ukraine as his first new market:

Trump announced plans to offer coal exports to Ukraine, as well as lift restrictions on U.S. lending for coal projects overseas.

"Ukraine already tells us they need millions and millions of metric tons (of coal). Right now, there are many other places that need it too and we want to sell it to them and to everyone else all over the globe who need it," Trump said.

Incidentally Ukraine's Poroshenko met Trump at the White House two weeks ago. Did he come bearing prospects of coal orders to entice Trump into his camp? Only if he has they eyes to see that is exactly how Trump is best handled.

For the record, if Ukraine refuses to buy high-grade anthracite coal from the rebel-held eastern Ukraine the next logical place to get it would be next-door Russia. It previously considered importing it from South Africa but realized the cost would be prohibitive. Transporting it from North America won't be cheap either.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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