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Ukraine: Unpopular and Corrupt Government in Town - Where Are Nuland’s Democracy Cookies?

This time around Victoria Nuland is doing her utmost to preserve such an Ukrainian government

Anyone who thinks you can topple a corrupt government with Molotov cocktails, sniper fire and cookies and then get a better Government in its place needs to get out more or read the right books. Anyone who thinks that the ousting of a corrupt President by men in masks with a far right ideology and a Stepan Bandera fixation is going to produce any good, is deluded.

Well, just over two years ago, gullible Westerners were expected to believe just that (although of course the media tended to ignore that stuff about the masked men and their fixation). We were expected to believe that it was all about Peace’n’Democracy and that the guys replacing the blackguards were all white hatted goodhearts, who with their European values would clean up the country and make it all nice and squeaky clean. A simple story of West over East; good triumphing over evil.

But somehow it just hasn’t worked out like that and Ukraine is now in a far worse shape than it was under the blackguards. Who’d ever have thought that violent coups don’t produce paradise?

Of course many of the demonstrators were no doubt genuinely fed up with the President and the Government, and no doubt they had plenty of reason to be grieved. But then had they waited a year, they would have had the chance to get rid of him in what is called an election. That is apparently the democratic way, is it not?

Ah but democracy is a fickle mistress these days. She says she’s all about the will of the people in free and fair elections, but if she doesn’t get her own way — that is a Government that has the approval of the United States Government — she ofttimes stamps her little feet and demands yet another colour revolution or coup to ensure the right result is reached.

And so in accordance with democratic principles — defined remember as a Government approved by Washington exceptionalists — just over two years ago, a nerdish looking man named Arseniy Yatsenyuk was chosen by the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Mrs Victoria Nuland, to be the next Prime Minister of Ukraine. Second guessing the will of the people, she moved to declare that “Yats is the man”. And thus his place as the first “democratically non-elected leader” in history was set.

Actually, it makes me wonder about the wisdom of going through the palaver of holding elections at all. It’s an expensive business, you know, not to mention a tedious waste of time as the current US circus show demonstrates. But the cost could be significantly reduced, to nothing in fact, simply by scrapping the vote and asking Fortune Cookie Vicky to choose for us. “Who’s your man Vicky,” we could have asked before the last election in Britain. “Cam’s the man,” she could have replied mystically whilst nibbling on one of her delectable little crumbly treats. And that would be that. We could all stay at home (actually I do anyway, having no intention of voting for people who despise me), and then all sit back to watch a corrupt and power hungry government take the reins for a few years (which is generally what happens these days even with a vote, but at least letting Vicky decide for us would have the advantage that none of the electorate would have it on their conscience of having helped put them there).

I mention this because I’m intrigued by the lack of “democratic” protests in Kiev’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti at the moment (well the guys in the masks show up sporadically), despite the fact that the current Government makes the previous one look like an outfit of the utmost respectability.

For all its faults, at least the last one didn’t decide to ostracize and then demonize millions of the population, and then go to war with them, all the while pretending they are actually at war with another country. At least the last one managed to stop the economy completely falling into the abyss. And at least the last one didn’t instruct the country’s civil servants to say nothing negative about the Government, as the current totalitarians have just done. Yet no mass protests. You almost get the impression that mass democracy protests need the financial backing and organisational skills of outside parties to get them started!

The current Government has achieved the unachievable, being both more corrupt and more unpopular than the Government that was overthrown on February 22nd 2014. Mr Poroshenko’s approval ratings are said to be around 17%, which is less than Mr Yanukovych’s approval ratings at the time of his overthrow. And Mr Yatsenyuk? His approval ratings are now only marginally higher than an ant’s ankle (not sure if ants have ankles, but if they did they’d be vying in height with Mr Yatsenyuk’s approval ratings). He has become the world’s quintessential 1 percenter!

Yet there are no calls for his overthrow in the West. There are no Peace’n’Democracy journalists who shrieked about the need for the corrupt and unpopular Yanukovych to step down coming forward to demand the same from the monumentally unpopular Mr Yatsenyuk. Apparently they’ve forgotten where Ukraine is on the map. Yesterday’s news. As for Mrs Nuland, there is no sign of her turning up with any more of her Democracy Cookies to help sweep away the corrupt Government and replace it with “a Government that the people deserve”.

In fact, despite being a credible candidate for most unpopular leader in the history of the world, and despite the fact that the President himself asked him to resign, Mr Yatsenyuk recently managed to survive a no confidence vote. How did he manage this? Not through any popular support. I understand that only two deputies voted against the motion. Rather, he did so because most deputies abstained (including 69 members of the Poroshenko bloc). Why? Well, it seems that — surprise, surprise — the US Government got involved and made it clear that “Yats is still the man”. Was there money involved? Possibly! Pressure and arm twisting? That’s what they do, isn’t it? The promise of some nice cookies? You can be sure!

So unlike last time, when Peace’n’Democracy stamped her little feet and demanded that the Unpopular One resign, this time she stamped her little feet and demanded that the Unpopular One be propped up on a life support machine. That’s what she’s like these days. Temperamental little thing.

So, what you gonna do the next time you see a mass protest movement on your TV, and the entire Western media framing it in a simple good guys versus bad guys deal in which we simply must support the good guys (even when they are wearing masks, celebrating Nazi collaborators, and chucking petrol bombs at police)? What you gonna do when Peace’n’Democracy steps up to demand that the will of the people be upheld, elections be damned? Are you gonna fall for it once more? My advice is to throw out your TV, take yourself a pinch of salt, and go bake yourself some nice little cookies.

Source: TheBlogMire
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