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US Threatens to Cut Funding For Kiev Terrorism After Putin Weaponizes Diplomacy

Russian diplomacy is now an existential threat to the entire world

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Warmongers and psychopaths from around the world wrote tearful Facebook status updates after it was revealed that Congress is looking to cut U.S. military aid to Ukraine to just $150 million — less than half of the $350 million Kiev received from Washington in 2016.

What could prompt the Republican-led Congress to do something so reasonable?


Starts with a "P", ends with an "utin".

As our least-favorite British tabloid, the Independent, explains:

Putin has finally managed to weaponize diplomacy.


"Totally normal!!"

Talking with people and then changing their minds — because what you said was persuasive? This is probably an uncommon experience among Democrats. But yes, we agree — for the rest of us, this is "totally normal!!"


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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