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Kicking the Poland 'Putinization' Can

Untangle this one if you can

From the Polish media we learn that German authorities ordered the destruction of CCTV evidence of the Cologne attacks.

We know that the Polish media cannot be trusted because Law and Justice (PiS) has been busy stacking the state media overseeing with its own cronies. To be sure the previous pro-EU leftist government had done the exact same, but that is okay because it was done in pursuit of the goals of social justice. As exemplified by, say, the German and Swedish media, which have been ordered at the highest levels to avoid reporting on minor political issues, such as the mass rape of their own women by refugees. What refugees? What rape? What Turkish sponsorship of ISIS? Hey, look over there – isn’t Julian Assange a chauvinist pig for not wearing a condom during consensual sex?

This has nothing to do with corruption and authoritarianism because Germany is 12th and Sweden is 5th on the world’s press freedom index according to Reporters Without Borders. The RSF is a very respectable Western NGO, almost as respectable as Freedom House even, and their rankings are completely true and objective. If you disagree you are uninformed at best or more likely some kind of conspiracy theorist or pro-Russian troll.

Speaking of whom, this is nothing more or less than a full-fledged Putinization of Poland. We know this is true – and bad, of course – because EU Parliament Chief Martin Schulz says so. Schulz is a high school dropout who, according to Haarez, believes that “the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” In other words, he is a glowing representative of the European political class and everything he says should be taken at face value.

Moreover, we learn from Anne “Putin Stole My Wallet” Applebaum that pro-Russian “trolls” are in Poland now working for the nationalist Right.



Unfortunately, it has long been established that going by Anne Applebaum’s definitions, her husband Radek Sikorski is one such troll, having tired of giving the Americans free blowjobs. (Though presumably purely metaphorical, one can hardly fault him for his imaginative phrasing, given his domestic circumstances).



Of course Radek Sikorski is also infamous as a hawkish hardliner on Russia amongst Civic Platform, via his connections to the Atlanticist neocon crowd, to say nothing of the PiS nationalists who are governing Poland now. The idea that Russia purposefully orchestrated the 2010 Smolensk crash that wiped out half the Polish government is taken as conventional wisdom amongst its ranks.

So in fact pro-Putin Russia trolls are supporting the most anti-Russian elements of the Polish political spectrum. And if US intelligence services are to be believed, financing them. We know that this is credible because the US is above that kind of thing itself and the idea that any civilized democratic country would finance political and media forces that promote its interests is utterly proposterous that only a pro-Russian troll could believe in. Though as we established above, the Polish nationalist recipients of Russian support and financing are themselves pro-Russian trolls.

Although as Anne Applebaum sardonically noted, the Russian press “worries” about the “Putinization” of Poland.



So in other words, this makes the Putin-controlled media the sole group who are… not pro-Russian trolls?? Frankly it’s well nigh impossible to figure out who’s trolling who by this point.

In case this isn’t obvious yet, unwrapping the logical loops around this zrada/peremoga conundrum (Poland version) is an exercise in futility, because there is no logic behind it. Amongst a clique that includes “thinkers” who blame Putin personally for the theft of their wallets and journalists who compare Russia to Mordor things could hardly be otherwise.

In reality, things are rather more prosaic.

(1) Russians by and large don’t care for Polish nationalists, but considering that most of their energies are going to be expended bickering with the EU, there is no reason not to passively support them.

(2) Even nationalist Poles realize that the biggest imminent threat to Poland is not Russian tanks advancing on Warsaw or even a return to dictatorship (i.e. a right-wing government dismantling the “adminstrative resource” that the previous left-wing government had built up) but the waves of Third World immigrants the likes of Merkel and Schulz are determined to enrich Europe with.

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