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Karadjic Told Me: 'I Saved Serbs From Genocide. God Knows We Are Right'

Personal reflections on a Serb leader who was sentenced to 40 years in prison for crimes against humanity


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The author is a veteran war correspondent who reported from numerous hot spots throughout the world

This man gave me my first professional tape recorder (his own). With this man I drank wine at night in the town of Pale near Sarajevo in March, 1993, during the Bosnian War, with him reading me his poems in Serbian. A poet and psychiatrist, the Serbian politician Radovan Karadjic was  sentenced to 40 years' imprisonment by a duplicitous International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia for ‘crimes against humanity’.

<figcaption>Radovan Karadjic and Daria Aslamova, 1993</figcaption>
Radovan Karadjic and Daria Aslamova, 1993

They even blamed him for ‘genocide  against Bosnian Muslims ’ in the town of Srebrenica when he had nothing to do with it. He was a politician, not a general. (By the way, when the ‘world community’ refers to the massacre of Muslim men in Srebrenica, it forgets that it was in reprisal for the murder of Serbian villagers in neighboring towns and villages).  

There was a cruel civil war taking place in Bosnia back then, which began with shootings at a Serbian wedding party in Sarajevo. Bosnian Muslims got help from the West and the Muslim world, but no one helped the Serbs. Even Russia, though making loud statements, refused to supply arms.

The Bosnian Muslims received $2 billion (!) to purchase arms over the 3 years of the war, and 4,500 Al-Qaeda jihadists came to the country thanks to the US, including Osama Ben Laden. They cut off Serbs’ heads and threw them like cabbages into a basket. We have shocking photographs  (not recommended for people under 18 and sensitive adults) of those murders. The murderers are still alive and recruiting new young terrorists around the world, including for ISIS.  When arrested, they were provided with new passports. And now for that interview with Karadjic.

"My job was great”, - he said. “Thousands of Serbs were liberated and avoided genocide. Our biggest mistake was poor propaganda. The world is against us because we were proud and didn’t want to be humiliated by making excuses. We let this happen, and now the world considers Serbs evil incarnate.

Yes, it’s bad for us. But as a psychiatrist, I can say that the law that applies to an individual, such as ‘stay alone and you will become mature’, also applies to a nation. Forced isolation will break him down if he is spiritually weak, or he will rise above it, if he is worth it. Now the Serbs are alone but this will bring them spiritual growth and wisdom. God knows we are in the right.” 

Sometimes it seems to me that he’s talking about us Russians.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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