Kalashnikov Has Upgraded the AK-74 to Be Even More Badass (Video)

And the Izhevsk-based firm's AK-12 continues the legacy of the legendary rifle

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The most famous of all Russian weapons manufacturers, Kalashnikov, showcases for Russian TV the latest innovations to the classic assault rifle design Mikhail Kalashnikov first created over a half century ago.

The mainstay of the company's line, the AK-74 chambered in 5.45x39mm and the primary small arm of the Russian armed forces, has been modernized with picatinny rails, new thermal optics, a telescoping stock, and all the other tactical accouterments now standard with top military and police forces. 

But the company's new rifle, the AK-12 represents a new leap forward in the design, drastically reducing recoil and muzzle flip, and improving ergonomics.

The firm is also developing technology for remotely-operated weapons, patrol boats, and drones. And Kalashnikov aims to completely modernize its production process to be able to produce even more weapons for export.

More about the innovations at Kalashnikov in this special report:

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