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BILD's Julian Röpcke: They Don't Call Him Jihadi Julian For Nothing

"His click-bait claims are devoid of truth and honesty. A majority of people see through these lies, and this has led him to become deservedly immortalized as Jihadi Julian"

Germany's largest newspaper, BILD is turning into quite the treasure trove for Russia Insider.  

They have a team of morons over there that has made lying into an art form, but they are also in a fascinating way, intensely stupid about how they do it, opening themselves up to endless ridicule and scorn, first in Germany, and now spreading around the world.  

Julien Reichelt, Nicholas Blome, Julian Roepcke - three guys who are happy to dig their own graves - all you have to do is reproduce what they write and say, no particular comment necessary.  These guys epitomize why German mainstream media has genosedived...  

They have destroyed not only their own reputations, but entire brands.  Now the sport of calling them out is going global. They are like the global football, everybody gets to have a kick.

Our team of trolls toiling away in the warehouse outside of Omsk were delighted to stumble across this yesterday.  Enjoy.

Is The Jihadi Julian Nickname Justified?

The short answer is yes. However, what about the long answer? Well that too is also yes.

Being quite new to Twitter, only two months now, I had not realized the amount of falsifications and lies that lingers around the Syrian war in this medium. Julian Röpcke was no exception to this. I saw this hashtag #JihadiJulian floating around but did not think much else of it.

Unsuspecting, I saw a re-tweet about him mentioning pro-Assad soldiers rather than pro-government soldiers. The exchange followed:

That was it, a quick 6 minute exchange and I was blocked. At this stage I still had not realized this was the infamous Jihadi Julian. Someone  pointed this out to me later. With this infamous character I had unsuspectingly come across, I was all to ignorant to take advantage with a better exchange.

Non-the-less, I started digging deeper and literally could not believe the outlandish claims he is constantly making. It almost defies reasoning and logic. Some classics include the recent Madaya fiasco.

All of a sudden, when it was proven that the whole Madaya starvation was falsified, he changed the narrative from “Assad’s” and “Hezbollah’s” siege on the town, to the Syrian government using neighboring villagers to act as locals of Madaya and being fit, healthy and condemning the terrorists in the town. His narrative was forced to change after Russia Today’s reporter on the ground in Syria, Murad Gazdiev, exposed the lies that Julian was propagating from his comfy office 3000km away in Germany. Of course, I am a hypocrite considering I am in a comfortable surrounding away from Syria, but it just seems like Julian always has the answers to every shred of evidence provided against him, even by those reporters on the ground in Madaya.

Julian’s falsifications are made clear when he forgot (or purposefully?) to add in the full extent of the statement from the doctor in Madaya that he cited. The doctor also states that the locals in Madaya were ready to get rid of the terrorists.

But this hasn’t stopped the propaganda machine. So ignorant to the truth and realities of Syria that he even attempted to somehow blame Putin for his beloved rebels using Alawites as human shields. Apparently in his warped view, such things did not happen before the Russian airstrikes began. Why did he try to deflect the blame on the actual people perpetrating this war crime onto Putin?

Of course, in the following video, it was not hard for Murad Gazdiev  to expose the lies of Jihadi Julian once again, especially in relation to Madaya.

However, despite being anti-government like many other ‘journalists’, why does the name Jihadi Julian persist? Well things need to be considered. His staunch defense of the militants in Madaya is one. The town is currently occupied mostly by Al-Qaeda affiliates, Al-Nusra Front, and their allies Ahrar ash-Sham. Why would he come out and defend a group that identifies with the terrorist organization responsible for September 11?

If this was not enough, his hatred for the Syrian government has led him to blindly support “Islamist rebel groups”.

Perhaps this alone justifies the title of Jihadi Julian. His hatred for the secular government in Damascus will mean he will even lower his moral standing to support sectarian death squads. Maybe this is in the hope that if the terrorist forces defeat the Syrian government, then somehow the mythical moderate rebel forces will emerge out of thin air and defeat the radical militants. We saw this happen in Libya didn’t we?

Perhaps Julian really should heed to the friendly advice of Murad and just stick to what Bild specializes in, celebrity gossip and eye candy for men.

His click-bait claims are nothing but devoid of truth and honesty. Majority of people see through these lies, and this has led him to become deservedly immortalized as Jihadi Julian. Perhaps it wouldn’t be to far to make this claim against him.

I mean how can one not make this correlation to Nazi propagandist Goebbels when he attempts to convince people that there is a systematic extermination of civilians by government forces. As Assad has said in many interviews with Western media, he is not only fighting a war against terrorist forces, but also for the support of his people. What does Assad gain by killing his own people? Perhaps this perplexing question is a little to much for Julian to comprehend. Perhaps a reasoning as to why Assad would do such a thing would be appreciated Julian.

Of course, when you’re propagating for clicks on a website link, being devoid of truth and honesty, is unfortunately the best method to gain advertisement revenue. Thankfully his propaganda machine is mocked at every turn by other media outlets and online twitter users. In essence, it cannot be denied that his own special #JihadiJulian is well deserved as his hate for the Syrian governments secularism runs in line with that of Al-Qaeda, by his own admissions.

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