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John Bolton Just Did a Complete 180 on His Russia Stance After Meeting with Putin

Trump's stroke of brilliance is paying off. By making Bolton responsible for talking to Russia he has neutralized the neocon's worst tendencies


  • National security adviser John Bolton once said Russia's election interference was a "true act of war" against the US, and that a policy based on trusting Russia was "doomed to failure."
  • Bolton's tune changed completely after he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.
  • He also said President Donald Trump and Putin will likely discuss Trump's recent calls for Russia to be readmitted to the G7 alliance.
  • When confronted by a reporter about his shift on Russia, Bolton said he would not address the discrepancy.

Is a puzzlement?  Not really.  It seems that John Boy would rather have a job than not.  And, then, there is the sheer exaltation of having been acknowledged as grand by The Devils themselves.

Maybe the prez should send fightin' Jack Keane on a trip like this to provide him with an opportunity for an attitude adjustment.

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