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Joe Biden Says He Talks to Petro Poroshenko More Than His Own Wife

Petro and Joe are just like two peas in a pod. But with a blank cheque from Washington, Kiev has no incentive to tackle its corruption problems

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

So what has Joe Biden been up to lately? Apparently not content with embarrassing himself and his country with his hopelessly haphazard verbosity at home, he's taking the Biden brand international. 

His particular focus is on Ukraine. Joe just finished his umpteenth visit to the country, during which he harangued the Ukrainian regime's rump parliament on the need to fight corruption - a message which elicited zero applause from that collective of criminals and thieves. 

He's speaking, but are Ukrainians listening? Not as long as the West's checkbook is open regardless
He's speaking, but are Ukrainians listening? Not as long as the West's wallet is open regardless

But it was a moment of rare realism from a representative of the US leadership:

Corruption siphons off resources. We know this. You know this,” Biden told Ukrainian MPs.

Ukraine needs to make governance more transparent, an immediate measure since “corruption eats Ukraine like cancer,” Biden said on Sunday, noting that however painful the looming reforms could be, they cannot be any backsliding on the issue.

“We saw oligarchs ousted from power, only for them to return,” Biden said. “We understand how difficult some of the votes for reforms are but they are critical for putting Ukraine back on the right path,” Biden said, as cited by ABC.

“As long as you continue to make progress in fighting corruption and build a future of opportunity for all Ukraine, the US will stand with you,” US Vice President said.

Nevertheless he guaranteed another $190 million from Washington to help reform the country - money which will almost certainly either disappear into corrupt pockets or be fed into the Donbass boondoggle. 
Biden also found time to highlight his near incestuous ties to the Maidan regime's leaders, stressing to the press that he's closer to President Poroshenko than to his own wife:
"It is true I've only been here four times in two years. But I think we may have logged close to 1,000 hours on the telephone. I think I tend to be more in direct conversation for longer periods of time with the president than with my wife. I think they both regret that. But it is important," Biden said at a joint briefing in Kiev on Monday.
Obviously a sign of a "sovereign, free, independent" Ukraine. The United States of America is the font of freedom - the more instruction you get from Washington, the freer you are.
Joe isn't the only Biden heavily invested in Ukraine. His son Hunter was last year appointed to the board of Burisma Holdings, a company connected with exploration for natural gas in separatist-controlled Donbass.
Having formally announced he won't seek Obama's job in 2016, and with Petro Poroshenko's popularity at dismal levels, maybe Joe is setting up for a run at the Ukrainian presidency. True, he's not a citizen of Ukraine - but that's no obstacle in a regime inundated with foreign influence. After all, it's a country that seems to love leaders with big mouths but little performance.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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