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'It Would Be Suicide': Iran Mocks Saudi Offer to Invade Syria

The Saudis are having a hard enough time with barefoot Houthi farmers. Do they really think they can take on Syria, Iran and Russia?

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Although it's difficult to understand the logic of medieval head-choppers, we imagine that Saudi Arabia's offer to send ground forces into Syria was supposed to be perceived as a "threat".

It wasn't, and now both Syria and Iran (and let's be honest here -- the entire world) are laughing at them. Responding to the generous "offer", Syria's Foreign Minister, Walid Mou'allem, promised to send the Saudi Army home in "wooden boxes."

<figcaption>Like the rest of the world, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari doesn't think highly of the Saudi Army</figcaption>
Like the rest of the world, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari doesn't think highly of the Saudi Army

But if mocking the Saudi military were an Olympic sport, Iran would take the gold:

The commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard forces – General Mohammad Al-Ja’afari – added that if the Saudi Army entered Syria, they would be “wiped out”.

The Saudis have made this claim, but I don’t believe they are brave enough to do so. Even if they send troops to Syria, they would be defeated; it would be suicide for them.”

Reflecting upon the recent successes of the SAA and its allies, Robert Fisk wrote in The Independent:

Is this why the Sunni Saudis have suddenly offered to send ground troops to Syria? And why the Turks are so flustered? I doubt if anyone is weeping in Shia Iran. Anyway, the Saudi military is already having its feet chewed off in the disgraceful Yemen war.

This is why Iran and Syria are really laughing. The Saudis have a huge military edge over the Houthis in Yemen: It's basically a Vietnam scenario in which modern American hardware is being pitted against barefoot guerrillas. And, just like in Vietnam, the people with the fancy toys are causing widespread destruction — but they're losing the war.

In Syria, the Saudis would be turned into hamburger meat.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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