Israel Lost in Syria, But It's Ready With Another War Crime: Yemen

"Iran is too formidable a foe to move against just yet and especially after the humiliating defeat in Syria."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

For those of you unfamiliar with the Greater Israel project (Oded-Yinon plan), it aims to extend Israel’s borders from Egypt to Iran. How? By waging war? No, it is far more insidious.

Take a look at the last 25 years and the wars that the USA has fought to "bring democracy" or "regime change", and a simple pattern emerges.

The ruling party, if against Israel, is making progress in a country free from the influence of Jewish central banks. Israel convinces the US and it’s gullible allies that this prospering country is ruled by an evil government hell-bent on manufacturing chemical or nuclear weapons etc. Sanctions follow, after which the government of the targeted country agrees to destroy its defensive capabilities based on assurances that sanctions will be lifted and the government will be treated fairly.

You can see where this is going... once the weapons are destroyed, Israel convinces its allies using Jewish owned media in the West, that the regime that trusted them is cruel and needs to be changed on "humanitarian grounds", thus an internal civil war is sparked or a false flag is staged attacking the US or its allies, orchestrated by Israel and blamed as the scapegoat of the day.

Does this sound unbelievable? Let’s take a look at the regimes that have been changed under this pretext, Egypt, Libya, Iraq. 

All of them had a few things in common: the means to defend themselves against Israel, freedom from Jewish-owned banking, and stable governments making progress in their countries.

All of them were disarmed with promises of support, after which they were overthrown by instigating and funding civil war, and where civil war was impossible, simply attacked.

Those who trusted the US and its allies were deposed and sometimes executed in public (e.g. Moammar Gaddafi, who was making Libya an advanced state with free healthcare, education and warned of the current "refugee crisis" if Libya was destabilized).

Once the government was disarmed and then deposed and it’s leaders executed, a Jewish controlled central bank was quickly established and the gold reserves flown out of them. Case in point, the Ukrainian civil war: the moment they got control of part of Ukraine that Russia did not reclaim, they established a central bank and flew out the gold reserves under cover of darkness (a quick google search will verify this).

Now, if you look at the map of the Middle East you see the influence and borders of Israel growing, always following this same plan, Syria was the next target, demonize Assad, instigate civil war, frame it as a "humanitarian emergency" and fund the breakup of a stable country to strengthen Israel.

BUT! never do it directly but through funding and arming "freedom fighters" and making your allies defend "the poor children" etc etc. 

Russia finally stepped in after seeing the debacle and brazen stupidity and repeat of the Iraq, Egypt strategy in Libya. With president Trump reluctant to fight Israeli wars, finally Israel had to (gasp!) come to the forefront and attack Syria under the guise of attacking Iran. At the time of writing this article Israel has bombed Syria 100+ times just in 2017. Next up is Iran. 

But their insidious warfare plans have been thwarted by a smart Russia. Itself having suffered under Jewish torture and extermination of some 50 million Christians by the Bolsheviks in the Holodomor.

Now Israel is seething and planning all kinds of false flags to get the US and the UK and France to be good little lapdogs and save the "poor Syrians" while quietly exporting most of the internal Syrian terrorists to Sweden and Europe.

But wait! there’s more! Just because Israel lost Syria doesn’t mean they'll back off. Israelis and Jews are not that simple.

Israel has been funding a proxy war in Yemen as well. The typical Israeli strategy is straight out of the Communist Manifesto, constant war, forever, fought by others. 

So now in Yemen they have an image issue. The Yemeni government is fully under Israeli control and the "rebels" are the nationalists trying to take their nation back. In Syria, Israel argued that the rebels were good people totally not financed by Israel, the US and Mossad-Pentagon. The Syria debacle ended up costing the US about $1 trillion.

No problem, says the think tank in Tel Aviv. We’ll just frame the Houthi rebel’s as "terrorists" and the Yemen government as under siege. No one will notice this flip-flop. Don’t believe it? Just go to google and type Yemen and see how they have framed this conflict.

And, notice another thing, Israel is not in the picture, it’s making Saudi Arabia fight this war.

If you want to see where the next flashpoint is, after Syria, look to Yemen. Iran is too formidable a foe to move against just yet and especially after the humiliating defeat in Syria.

A million more words could be written about this, but this is just a primer to make you realize how Israel sets up its own empire not directly but by attacking its friends, blaming the attack on the countries Israel wants to destroy, making their friends fight Israeli wars and then helping things by instigating civil war inside these nations.

Once you understand this simple formula, the next time you see a headline shrieking about "humanitarian crisis in anti-Israel-land" you will know exactly what is going on, who is funding it and most importantly, the question that answers all...cui bono? 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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