ISIS' Fleet of Ukrainian Tanks Goes on Display in Mosul

The Iraqi Army found Salo-class Ukrainian battle tanks in the rubble of Mosul

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On Friday, Kremlin mouthpiece "RT" published a criminally inaccurate story in which it claimed that "dozens of captured cars, modified 'Mad Max-style' by Islamic State terrorists ... have been put on display by Iraqi security forces in the liberated city of Mosul."

The Yatsenyuk-69 MBT
The Yatsenyuk-69 MBT

Nice try, Putin.

In an obvious attempt to avoid giving credit where credit is due, RT conveniently chose not to mention that ISIS was such a formidable foe in Mosul because it had access to fifth-generation Ukrainian military hardware:


Salo-class LAV


The Iraqi Army discovered at least six different models of Ukrainian military vehicles and tanks that were used by ISIS in Mosul. The Salo-class LAV, the backbone of the Ukrainian Army, is best known for repelling approximately 100 Russian invasions of East Ukraine. 

The armored limousine that Poroshenko drives around in. How did it end up in Mosul?


Even an amateur military enthusiast could tell you that Ukrainian tanks are the envy of the world. So how did ISIS manage to acquire so many of them? It's a mystery. 

The legendary Yatsenyuk-69 MBT


Military analysts were especially surprised to learn that ISIS was in possession of several Yatsenyuk-69 MBTs, although they lacked the most recent upgrade (built-in bottle opener). 

We hope that RT will correct its story and apologize to its readers.

Glory to Ukraine.



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