Intrepid Twitter Psychic Louise Mensch: US Marshals Will Kick Down Trump's Door Soon!

Louise Mensch "reported" last week that Russiagate arrests could begin as early as May 11. We're still waiting. 

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Traumatized Tory Louise Mensch
Traumatized Tory Louise Mensch

Traumatized British Tory and also Russia Insider's #1 fan Louise Mensch has a sizzling hot scoop: Russiagate arrests could begin any time between May 11 and several billion years from now when the Sun goes bye-bye. 

Today is May 16, so her prediction is still 100 percent correct.

As Louise "reported" on her LiveJournal account last Wednesday:

Two separate sources with links to the intelligence community say that the first arrests in the criminal and counter-intelligence probe will shortly take place, possibly as soon as Thursday, May 11th.


For the sake of clarity, I still cannot report anything further than a probability on the linking of a civil document in the New York case to the indictments that have been obtained in New York under RICO. People familiar with the matter speculate that General Flynn may be among the first people arrested but they do not confirm the news.

A bit noncommittal for a LiveJournal post titled "EXCLUSIVE: Comey Day: 'First Trump Russia Arrests Possible' Thursday", isn't it? 

Perhaps, but you're sorely mistaken if you think that bothers Louise Mensch. 

After all, today's fresh exclusive is that "the U.S. Marshals Service presented a plan to a senior Justice Department official yesterday for the service of warrants in the Trump-Russia inquiry".

Louise declined to give us a specific date when we can expect US Marshals to kick down Trump's door. But we're sure it will be any minute now. After all, all of Mensch's rumors are carefully vetted by the voices in Louise Mensch's head:

And even while writing her latest Russiagate erotica, Louise couldn't stop thinking about your very own Russia Insider:

Call us, Louise. We miss you. 

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