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An Important New Website About Christianity in Russia

It's bracing

Dear Insiders,

I am delighted to inform you that my good friend, David Curry, has launched a website on a subject he is a genuine expert on - Russian Orthodox Christianity. It is called Russian Faith.  Here are the Facebook and Twitter pages.

If the layout reminds you of Russia Insider, that's because I let Dave use our template to reduce start-up costs. I personally have no stake in Russian Faith, other than a sincere wish that it be successful. We hope to republish articles from there when appropriate.

I think its an important site for Russia-watchers, regardless of their religious views, because I agree with what Dave says in the 'about' page:

Her religion is built into Russia’s sense of historical mission, her sense of ‘otherness’, her way of thinking, her intellectual traditions, the memories of countless wars over the centuries, the very fiber of her patriotism, even revived by Stalin during WW2, and credited by many with enabling Russia to win a war the world was sure she would lose.

One simply cannot know Russia well without understanding the history, ideas, and current influence of her colorful and lively religion - and this fact is far more true of Russia than other European countries - Russia is different this way.

I converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity from the Episcopal (Anglican) Church 18 years ago while living in Russia, and have since gotten to know it well. I agree with Dave that it is wildly misrepresented and mostly ignored in the media.

It might just be the most important story not being talked about today.

Watch his video explaining why he created the site below.

I applaud his effort, and wish him every success.

Charles Bausman

Editor, publisher, and founder

Russia Insider

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