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The Extraordinary Interference of Russia in the Domestic Affairs of America

The CIA – or as some call the agency the “LeBron James of the Intelligence game” - proved it. It’s virtually a slam dunk. According to the journalistically accepted Mainstream media the Russians were engaged in a cyber crime of historic proportions when they perniciously meddled in the American presidential elections in order to ensure their secret asset “won the vote”. 

This obviously was done so that Trump would select Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State (the 2nd most powerful man in the government). Tillerson is a close friend of not only Putin, but Igor Sechin- Russia’s 2nd most powerful man. I was skeptical at first until I realized that the new Secretary’s initials are...wait for it…RT.  I mean c’mon - we’re not idiots! 

The first sign of interference was somewhat less apparent when the Kremlin conspired to have the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in baseball. This is a team that had not won a world series in over one hundred years! How did they all of a sudden do it? By buying the best relief pitcher in baseball from the NY Yankees -a derogatory word used by enemies of America.  Coincidence? We think not. You see… the fastball specialist who joined the Cubs was Aroldis Chapman who just happens to be from Cuba– a close ally of the totalitarian USSR and current friend of Putin’s totalitarian Russia which spreads chaos and destruction from Georgia and Ukraine all the way to Syria. Some baseball experts predict that the Baltic countries are next. You know, of course, that ”Cubs” are actually Bears. And the symbol of Russia? …wait for it…the Bear! And make no mistake - this is not Winnie the pooh, but a malevolent and dangerous animal last seen stalking the grounds around the Kremlin.   

A third example of Kremlin interference goes beyond America and can be seen in the horrifically unethical and immoral doping scandal affecting the Olympic Games. It is well known that Putin is a judo expert, but did you know that judo is…wait for it…an Olympic sport! What better way to satisfy his monstrous ego and lust for power than to order his buddies in the KGB (where he was trained in the arts of subversion) to engage in doping  on a massive scale violating the sacred rules of the hallowed Olympic Games and subverting the values of the International community whatever their sexual preferences. On that note, it is, of course, certainly no coincidence that Gay Pride Parades are illegal in Putin’s homophobic Russia.  

I ask all clear thinking people around the world…what more proof do you need? Seriously…anyone with literally half a brain can see the connections


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