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RIP: The Guardian Has Lost All Credibility

Now they claim that Russian football hooligans are Kremlin agents!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Guardian used to be considered an intellectual paper.

Now they have written that many of those who "kicked the shit" out of Brits at Euro-2016 were Russian special services agents.  

<figcaption>How the mighty have fallen!</figcaption>
How the mighty have fallen!

You can’t get any lower than this! Rumors are usually spread in pubs by British boozers, or cheap tabloids famous for such content. But the Guardian!

Yes, Russian fans fight well, having practiced on Russian fans of other Russian football teams.

Is there sawdust in the Guardians’ heads instead of gray matter, or do they just want to console over their fans being beaten up by Russians like schoolboys?

Either way, it’s too bad.

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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