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If Hillary Wins, Will She Kill Us All?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time human rights activist who lives and practices in New York City.





A senior psychologist says: "She's a killer, alright. She's killed millions already".

That's the bottom line.

Based on my 47 years in the field of psychology, that's the simple truth I've been forced to reach from everything I've seen and read about this depraved, sociopathic woman.

Yet it's a truth I resist with every fiber of my being.

For I love life greatly and wish to relish it as long as I can. 

Just look at me and this lovely home I've created for myself and my loved ones--complete with my own, personally designed Walden pond--with a wisteria-covered pondhouse cantilevered out over the water so that my family and I can dive with delight right into it whenever we like in spring,  summer, and fall.  In winter we love to ice skate on it.   

Would that this wonderful world would live on long beyond me--and keep my loved ones happy and safe.

Yet here is this evil, overtly homicidal, overtly genocidal, gender-confused, grandiose woman-- who truly believes she's the Second Coming of Julius Caesar--about to be elected to the US Presidency- with the unbalanced power to incinerate, starve, or freeze every single human on this planet to death- you and your loved ones included--in a 10-year nuclear winter that would follow a nuclear exchange--just to prove she has the cojones to do it.    

And to make the situation all the more Orwellian, the American mainstream media appears to have a majority of likely American voters convinced that this proven serial killer is the lesser of two evils! 

Really?  How many people has Trump deliberately killed?  Hillary has a hand in killing millions. MILLIONS! From the Rwandan Genocide that she and Bill concocted with the help of the CIA in 1994 to the Syrian Christian genocide that she set in motion as Secretary of State in 2011 with the appointment of genocide-specialist Robert S. Ford (of Salvadoran death squads fame) as her Ambassador of Death to Syria.  And though Orthodox and Catholic clerics continually come to this country to beg us to stop sending our hired terrorists there, the genocide of Christians rolls inexorably on, as I've described here and here- just as the trains to Auschwitz continued to roll inexorably on to the very end of World War II without a single American bomb ever falling upon them--even when our planes flew right over these trains and took photos of them.


Rwanda 1994 and Syria today - As a child looks on each scene and cries
Not that Hillary necessarily wants to see Syrian Christians crucified and beheaded--any more than Pontius Pilatus had anything "personal" against Christ.  In their eyes, "It's strictly business," as the Mafia would say. 

In the case of Syria, Hillary's deal with the Devil (which some Orthodox priests believe to be literally true) is that ISIS and Al Qaeda may crucify and behead Christians on a genocidal scale (which even the White House now admits to be true) in return for eliminating Assad. 

And if Assad ends up getting raped with a bayonet by one of Hillary's "hard men"... Hell!  Hill will love it!  That's the sickest part.  Qaddafi's anal mutilation-murder was NOT "strictly business" for her.  Watch her giddy reaction to the news of Qaddafi's mutilation-murder again and you'll see. 

Hillary clearly "gets off" at the thought of one man anally raping another man to death with a bloody bayonet--as if she were some transsexual terrorist mutilating a real man.  Bill, maybe?

It's all so depraved and bizarre! Hillary is a sick, sick lady.

And she won't let it so.  Hillary actually INSISTS that she's the cause of Qaddafi's anal mutilation-murder.  I couldn't believe my ears.. 

When the CBS reporter (whom Stephen Colbert would justly call just one more servile "stenographer") tries to throw Hillary a life line by asking her if she "really" thinks her sudden trip to Libya (to meet with her "moderate" terrorists) had anything to do with Qaddafi's subsequent mutilation-murder, Hillary looks off-stage at some real or imagined admirer; laughs inappropriately; claps her hands; and responds:           

"I'm sure it did."

So what did Qaddafi do to deserve this?

He tried to defy Hillary Clinton and Wall Street by using Libya's vast oil wealth to create an independent African Investment Bank and a single, independent African currency, backed by 144 tons of Libyan gold, in which all goods and services (including all of Africa's immeasurably rich resources) would be traded--making the US dollar and the US-dominated IMF and World Bank, with their predatory "shock doctrine" practices--quite superfluous across the continent.  In short, Qaddafi "capital crimes" (in both the literal and figurative sense) were the "thought crimes" (or precrimes) of even thinking of using Libya's not-yet-stolen wealth to make Mother Africa "free at last!"--to quote from the murdered "Dream" of Martin Luther King--another one of Mother Africa's assassinated sons.

These "capital thought-crimes" sent Hillary into a homicidal rage.  For her, independence meant open defiance.  As if he--not s/he--had the real balls!  Well, she'd show him!  She'd show em all! 

And she did too. 

She had him "done" but good!  Hell!  She had him "done" with a real bayonet!  That's Hell-bound Hillary for you.  No oily Afro or A-rab is ever gonna pull that crap on us  again.   Not as long as s/he's Caesar, anyway.  USA!  USA!

So what are Assad's "capital crimes"?

Basically, two. 

Assad's first "capital crime" has been his letting Iran send weapons and other supplies to Israel's arch rival, Hezbollah, in Lebanon via Syria. 

Assad's second "capital crime" has been his refusing to let the Saudis run a pipeline through Syria to the Mediterranean Sea--thus cutting Russia out of the European oil market. 

Plus, removing Assad would free up all those mercenary terrorists now being paid to fight in Syria to go start "Arab springs" in Southern Russia.   

Thus the need for "regime change."  With Assad's own ass hopefully at the business end of a bayonet.

That starts with the institution of an innocent-sounding "no-fly zone" over Syria, as called for in the Democratic Platform and Hillary's own Presidential Platform." 

Only a "no-fly zone" ain't so innocent in practice. For it means destroying all Syrian and Russian aircraft, airports, and air defenses in Syria--preferably on the ground.  Along with all Russian missile and surveillance ships as far away as the Black Sea--such that the USA and NATO have sole sovereignty over Syria's skies. And their planes alone may fly.

If that happens, Damascus will soon be a Second Calvary for Christians! 

Not on Obama's watch, it turns out.  It seems he still wants to go down in history as the Nobel Peace Prize President--even if he did kill hundred of Pakistani and Iraqi and Somali and Yemeni kids illegally in his drone strikes.  And even one 16-year-old American kid without a shred of due process--just to establish the legal precedent that any President can order the execution of any American without providing any evidence to anyone.  And the Supreme Court did, in fact, refuse to hear the plea of this boy's grandfather to stop his grandson's execution.

Such is Obama's "legacy."

But Obama's a "wuss" compared with Hillary.  With Michele Flournoy as her Secretary of Defense, Victoria Nuland as her Secretary of State, and perhaps Ash Carter as her National Security Advisor, Hillary would have just the "bayonet" she needs to "give" it to Putin--an 8th-degree-Dan, red-and-white belt in Judo - the highest ranked Judoka among world leaders.

"Not to worry!" says the elite neocon think-tank, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, in its thanatophic tome, Rethinking Armageddon (RA). Beating Russia is a snap. 

Just start a "limited" war with Russia in Syria, the Baltics, or Ukraine.  Lob a few low-yield, tactical nukes in Putin's direction.  Incinerate a few thousand Russian troops to drive the point home that the Empire means business.And Putin will kneel in submission.  (Sounds like him, right?)

Though the American mass media portray Putin as a homicidal maniac, the deep state knows he's really a rational, peaceable man, who's innocent of all the murders and atrocities which the US itself has committed--like the MH-17 shootdown--just to blacken his name and keep  a frightened Europe under our thumb.       

But then RA thinks Putin's too good a Christian to hold any grudges against us.  And that he will even accept defeat and his own forced retirement, rather than see all of humanity end in a full-scale nuclear exchange.

That's the Center's "sober" calculation.  And that of many neocons.  That when push comes to shove, Putin will be shoved rather than see the human species snuffed out. 

Not that the neocons are prepared to be snuffed out either.  But that will be their little secret.  For their big bold bluff to work, Putin must be made to believe that they will go for Armageddon if they can't rule the world.  And in their minds at least, Hell-bound Hillary is just crazy enough in reality to convince Putin that she really would push the Red Button in anger (or penis-envy) if she can't get him to back down. 

So Putin will gracefully retire, these neocons fantasize.  And then everything will fall back into place.  The Russian people will lose hope once more.  Depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, and suicide rates will soar once more.  Employment, income, savings, home ownership, farm ownership, food security, and life expectancy will crash through the floor once more.  A new Yeltsin will take over.  The Central Bank and the Finance Ministry will bring in predatory American financial "advisers" once more.  Russia's remaining state industries and resources will be sold off and shipped West to "support" Russia's collapsing economy once more.  Only this time economic unrest will lead to even greater ethnic unrest and successful "color revolutions"- till the partitioning of Russia (along with China at some point) will at last be achieved!  And Russia as a nation will be gone!    

Everything's been planned.

Partition of Russia & China - after "limited" nuclear war

What could possibly go wrong? 

It just requires for Hill to have the cojones to lob a few low-yield nukes at Putin and stop there.  And for Putin to turn the other check and retire.

How likely are those things to happen or not happen?

I will examine Putin's likely response in another article.

As for Hillary, it's clear that she's out to prove that while she may not be woman enough for Bill, she's certainly man enough for the Presidency.

But will she stop at being "tough"?

The problem for her and for us is that she's never been punished for her crimes.  Quite the contrary.  She's literally gotten away with murder.  Even genocide.  At least twice. 

So where is her self-restraint?  Even the kind of self-restraint that comes not from morality, but just from cunning?  Psychopathic cunning? I find none.

That's why I find the clip of her laughing at the news of Qaddafi's mutilation-murder so appalling.  She's so full of herself at that moment that it doesn't occur to her that there are viewers out there who might not share her pleasure at this sick, sick act of horrific anal sadism.  Viewers who might be repulsed by it even.  And that for purely political reasons, she ought to "cool it" a little. 

No.  She thinks we must all be like her off-camera admirer.  We must all feel no disgust. Rather, we must all be gloating right along with her.  Right along for her.  What a man among men she is!  This Primer inter Pares!  This Destroyer of Nations!  This Mutilator of Men!      

What does all this mean for the future?

In psychology we have a saying that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

If that is the case, I can see this same scene repeating itself with Hillary in her bunker, miles below a lifeless Washington, deep in nuclear winter...

Smugly watching a satellite fly-over of Putin's incinerated Moscow over and over, as she laughs triumphantly over and over: "We came. We saw. HE DIED!"

He did. And we died too.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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