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HYPOCRISY: US Demands Russia Lift Sanctions Against Turkey…

… While praising its own anti-Russian sanctions

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a popular Russian blogger covering international affairs. In this emotional post he vents his outrage at US double standards, which depend on whether a country is regarded friend or foe.

Originally appeared at his blog.  Translated by Svetlana Kyrzhaly and Rhod Mackenzie

<figcaption>Obama: Lift Sanctions... Impose sanctions</figcaption>
Obama: Lift Sanctions... Impose sanctions

I’ve long been accustomed to US double standards, but I can’t remember when this happened on the same day and by the same agency, "the State Department".

"The coordinator of the US State Department for sanctions Daniel Fried said the United States and the European Union should keep the anti-Russian sanctions in force to ensure the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements on the Ukraine”, reports Russian international news agency RIA Novosti.

 On the other hand, it says the United States wants Russia to withdraw its  trade restrictions against Turkey: "We would like to see the end of measures causing collateral damage - trade embargoes and so on”.

US impudence is surprising for its frankness. Not only is it a one-sided interpretation and erroneous assessment of the facts.  Depending on which countries are involved, with no shame, white is called black and black is called white. International law is close to being trampled in the dust, removing the obligation to couch distortions of reality in more or less truthful terms.

When international law gives way to "might makes right", if a country wants to remain independent, it must be strong, not just militarily or economically, but ideologically. Is Russia ready?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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