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Hungarian TV: 300 Islamists Have Infiltrated the German Army (Video)

Merkel's Germany isn't just opening Europe's floodgates to millions of potential ISIS fighters - it's also helping to train them

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The media in Hungary, a country which often finds itself at odds with EU policies, sometimes gives a perspective on European events that is lacking in mainstream western media. 

According to this interview with security expert Georg Spöttle which appeared on Hungarian TV news, at least 300 Muslim extremists have infiltrated the German army, where they hope to receive the training they need to carry out attacks.

This is made all the more easier by the fact that a large segment of Germany's combat units are now no longer composed of Germans - 60% have a migratory background, says Mr. Spöttle, and 1/4 of the entire German army are migrants as reported in this article which appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany's most respected newspaper. 

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban is well known as a pragmatic politician who "says it like it is" and does what he thinks is in his country's interest, Brussels bureaucrats be damned. It's no surprise he has a great relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Hungary has cultivated close political and economic links with Russia (as far as allowed by EU sanctions) and its government strongly resists any suggestion by EU leaders France and Germany that refugees should be apportioned among EU members.

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