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Huge Corruption Scheme Exposed in Vladivostok (Video)

Eduard Limonov calls for ‘Nuremberg Trials’ of Yeltsin’s ‘young reformers’

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Mayor of Vladivostok, the main city on Russia’s Pacific Coast, Igor Pushkarev was arrested and taken to Moscow in handcuffs on charges of embezzling 160 mln roubles (circa 2.5 mln USD)

The famous Russian author and extreme left wing political activist Eduard Limonov believes the whole Yeltsin era has to be put on trial:

They seem to have put the screws on the Mayor of Vladivostok, and that’s a good thing. The law shouldn’t spare the rich and powerful.

Long ago, Ivan Grozny, who killed his son, and Peter the Great who sentenced his to death, were considered not so much monsters as fierce fighters for justice. Their justice wasn’t limited by the taboo against punishing one’s own child.

I like the fact that a few governors are locked up, not because I have anything against them. But two governors in prison shows that the law applies to all citizens, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth a cent.

But it’s not enough to lock up people for separate acts of corruption. We should criminally prosecute those guilty of misappropriating public property at the loans-for-shares auctions the took place twenty years ago,. Until there are no ‘Nuremberg Trials’ for all the privatizers, we can’t say that the law rules in our land.  

We need ‘Nuremberg Trials’ for the privatizers of 1990’s, who should not die peacefully in their bed.

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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