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PASSIONATE Speech by Olympic Champion Isinbaeva - PUTIN: 'Justice Will Prevail' (Video)

With both her and the Russian president fighting back tears, olympic pole vaulter Elena Isenbaeva made a passionate call to her countrymen to avenge their defamation at the Rio games; Putin said Russia would pull no punches to defend their honor and dignity

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A touching scene transpired during the meeting of Russian olympic team with President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

The famous pole-vaulter, twice olympic champion and many times record-holder Elena Isinbaeva, broke into tears during her speech. She never took part in doping but was still debared by the IAAF from participation in the olympics.

Seeing Russian sportsmen off to the olympics in Rio, Vladimir Putin said:

“I want you to know: we are proud of you without any doubts. We will do our best to defend your reputation, sports honor and dignity. Justice will prevail”.

A popular Russian blogger Irina Alksnis issued a call to avenge the debarred and weeping Elena Isinbaeva:

I will tell you what to do with the Olympics.

The government will need to create a multi-multi-multi-millions fund and ask Russian corporations in a polite but convincing way to invest into it.

Then to use these multi-multi-multi-millions for hiring the the best law firms in the world - American, British, European ones. By jurisdiction. The best, the most influential and as a result the most expensive ones.

And then to make these firms organize to go after all the organizations and all the people even minimally involved in unfair debaring of our sportsmen. In order to have the last WADA clerk, whose signature is on the third-rate document that influenced the final decision, burried under multi-million lawsuits against him. I’m not talking about top-managers and their firms.

It would be great to organize a press-conference and to announce Russia’s aims in that campaign: to bring to ruin all involved in this scandal, with readiness to spend dozens (or even hundreds) of millions of dollars and decades - Russia can afford it.

It won’t be necessasary to actually win the lawsuits. The majority will find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy only because of lawyers’ fees (because they will need good lawyers to resist the juridicial monsters) and will beg for mercy.

They can be forgiven in exchange for witness’ evidence against their bosses and their companies that have money for good lawyers.

The result will be to turn upside down this nest of vipers.

Source: Na Linii
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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