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How 'Progressives' Destroy Civilizations

It is said in our sphere that the right is order and the left is chaos. This is not exactly true as the progressive left sets up an order that begets chaos, requiring more solutions that the central power can provide. It is a system of entropy, but still a system. It is a system bent on control, and most of the chaos is to create situations that require more of their involvement and control. What the progressive left has engaged in is a series of destructive moves to destroy the will and minds of their subjects.

Progressive destruction is an all-encompassing idea that affects all facets of life. There is not a feature to living that is outside their attempts at destroying all structures of society. This applies not just to the West but the Far East and Global South. Recent attempts at this socially and culturally are the pushing of abortion in South America and same sex marriage in Africa.

The progressives start with setting up new progressive approved forms of art and architecture to affect what we see and celebrate as high status. Government Center’s brutalist architecture is an eyesore, which no New Englander likes, but it is the approved, set and displayed style for the center of political administrative body.

It is a visual, daily reminder of the ruling class. They approve of it. They think it is right. They decided to build it. Citizens are drawn to classical styles or styles that were say, pre-war and familiar, yet these are proscribed out of existence by requests for proposals that explicitly list features not to use and that often come down to unzipping a mail packet and seeing who bid the lowest.

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Art has been discussed elsewhere as having lost the joke as now the party is the thing. Modern or post-modern art is a scam. Eschewing styles or forms of the past, the new art scene severs a tie that all cultures have with their roots. This is not just about continuing a tradition for style but of the substance and subject matter of said art. This is important as all art is either a celebration or rebellion against the norms of the culture, and when it has become scattered in focus and filthy in subject, it is not just useless but is dismissed by the very people it is meant to reach. Without art, which some would call the expression of a culture’s conditions, what imagination and emotional touchstones does a society have?

The newer version of this destruction of space is to destroy the social and community identity in space. Using mass migration to ethnically cleanse people from areas has been a tool of the progressives going back to the Slaughter of the Cities era of American transformation. This has now been extended to not just large cities but your little hometown.

The small American identity of towns of 5,000 or 20,000 are overturned as several hundred or several thousand immigrants from the Third World reshape an area. Chris Rock once joked that Minnesota’s only black people were Kirby Puckett and Prince. Now their highest profile congressman is a Somali immigrant.

Beyond destruction of public space, progressives of course like any ruling class, destroy the history of their subjects. The New York Times has recently added a wrinkle to this with their 1619 Project, which refocuses the birth of America with the start of African slavery. This is lunacy. The birth of our nation could be with Jamestown, Plymouth, 1776, the Constitution or even the resolution of the Civil War. This is a rewriting of history that denies a glorious founding, which all societies need. This feature does not even apply to all fifty states, and is not unique to our nation. It is merely a new progressive attack to destroy whatever mental conception of America’s birth in the minds of citizens by implying that America and Americans are an irredeemable lot. It is not enough just to disconnect a people from their history. The history must be smeared and destroyed enough to make people shun, deny and condemn their history.

It may sound a reach but the overturning of promoted diets and nutrition mores and norms is part of this destruction. While the switch from the diets formulated through centuries to high carb/low fat diets may have caused the massive surge in obesity, a severing of cultural continuity was a byproduct.

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People stopped cooking old dishes from their ethnic traditional toolbox, because they were loaded with fat or butter, and became part of the molded progressive masses. This is another form of destroying old bonds and historical identities to replace them with the progressive approved new food identity. This is even before we get to Italian-Americans raving about Indian and Thai food to fit into higher status, urban white culture.

This brings us to the point where the progressives invade mental space to destroy all things that we hold dear. Religion is an obvious target because it is a competing system of belief. The next layer is that religion is a historical chain that connects us to both the past and future. Another reason for this attack is to destroy any assumption of a glorious afterlife or hell awaiting us so that we focus on the immediate and present. Controlling the present system, this inevitably attunes our ideas and attention to the present that they master.

The basic building block of political units is not safe. The family is attacked. It is not just that divorce is allowed but encouraged. Bonds between child and parent are destroyed not just by family court in the case of divorces but by CPS in the event the authorities deem you unfit. Breaking down the conception of a heterosexual family allows for the progressives to push the conception of homosexual families or polyamorous couples and oddly blended families. What exactly family means has become what exactly does a couple mean or what exactly does mother or father mean?

The latest in this is identity. We see this with the destruction of the gender norms we have held for eons. Oddballs have always existed, but rarely do they get treated as high status individuals. If a society does this, it is usually the warning sign of a coming fall. Google employees identify as ornate 19th century buildings or dragons… and remain employed. The pronoun game is about power but it also destroys how one were to speak from conversation to conversation. The American identity of Anglosphere descendant nation to European forged continental empire to global blech is not complete. This is the battle right now.

The trans push is the best example. When a person transitions, they destroy their gender for a newly constructed one. It does not stop there. The trans person, no matter how poorly transitioning, will shriek at deadnaming, improper pronoun use and misgendering. The very idea of deadnaming gives away the game. They have killed their old self. Progressive messaging gives the illusion that something new and beautiful can be constructed. This is why it is the best example. It absolutely fails to build anything new that could replace the natural, old form.

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The progressives have the levers of power to destroy and impose their desired answers and constructions, but legitimacy is not imposed. They may rule but they cannot build a lasting structure. This fits them though because they can forever offer up new styles and new answers for these needs: art, architecture, history, identity. This is where the idea of chaos comes in. There lines do not stick but they control meme and idea dissemination in public space. The chaos just feeds their official production channels. This is all just an update of the New Soviet Man concept.

The opportunity for others, and by others, I mean anyone seeking to preserve history, tradition or order are private structures. A public space may celebrate the rainbow flag and whatever latest progressive saint conjured up by a university. A private space does not. The progressives may attack the family, but they need not attack yours nor those of your circle. Their power of enforcement is surprisingly weak and only needs you to defend an outspoken peer.

The progressives cannot construct a lasting structure. Because of their denial of history and shrinking of time horizons, they cannot tap into the eternal and the unspoken that reaches inside all humans. This is the challenge. Tapping into that which is eternal and undeniable is what is needed. To make these spaces not just exist but grow is the challenge.

Once public spaces have become a garbage dump in comparison to your private spheres, the levers they control will matter less. It is not that you may be outside their reach, but that their decrees and proclamations will not matter at all.

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