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Are There Any Pokemons Hiding in the Kremlin?

They're probably there conspiring with Putin about how to take over the world

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Japanese monsters: feel free to wander the President’s residence.

A week ago, the President’s press-secretary, Dmitry Peskov, had to answer an unexpected question: are there any Pokemons in the Kremlin and is it allowed to hunt them there?

“I hope Pokemon hunting is not the only reason to visit the Kremlin, a unique treasure trove of world culture,” - Peskov said, without answering the question.

American journalists accompanying John Kerry could have helped answer it, since Pokemon hunting is in full swing back home. Maybe it was the time difference, but they were sullen and not in the mood for fun.

Японские монстры не стесняются бродить по резиденции президента Фото: скриншот сайта

On Friday there was an opportunity to check the guess. During two hours waiting for a meeting with Putin and the cabinet members, one colleague launched Pokemon Go and started to explore the surroundings.

No, there are no Pokemons in the Kremlin, she said. There are many of them on the Red Square and the Alexander Garden.

Couldn’t they climb over the Kremlin wall? Or the Federal Protective Service won't let them in?

We’ll lure them!

It turned out that it was possible to switch on a special lure. In 5 minutes, a fish Magikarp crawled up into the press-center. In one more minute a fur Venonat came hopping. There were some problems with the bat Zubat: it rushed about the press-center for a while, but we caught it too.

If Vladimir Putin hadn't finally come up to the cabinet meeting and started to tell them about the doping struggle, we could have caught a whole bag of the Pokemons there.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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