How Hillary Stole Nevada: Voter Fraud Caught on Camera

Hillary's campaign allowed voters to caucus without registering. Textbook case voter fraud.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Pro-everything awful and establishment blowhard Hillary Clinton "defeated" Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in yesterday's Nevada caucus, 52.7% to 47.4%. But we're calling shenanigans.

Similar to our last report on the presidential nomination race, "How Hillary Stole Iowa", it appears that Mrs. Clinton continues to find creative ways to rack up votes.

<figcaption>It's good to be a Clinton</figcaption>
It's good to be a Clinton

In Iowa, the Clinton campaign declined to "count" votes -- because what's the point in that? In Nevada, they adopted a slightly different strategy: Let's not bother with registering caucus-goers. After all, that would unfairly prevent people who shouldn't be voting from voting.

This is special:

You can cleary hear the Clinton goon commander announcing that "they will register after this", as Clinton fanatics rush past him. they won't.

Another damning video:

How many other Nevada precincts used this "open door" policy for Clinton supporters from Colorado/New Mexico/apparently it doesn't matter?

What a charade.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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