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How Facebook Helps Ukrainian Nazis Target Journalists, Artists, and Others

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This article was submitted by a Russian citizen who asked to remain anonymous, because the Ukrainians he writes about here have been involved in murders and physical assault of not only those who dare criticize them, but also of their relatives.

Many have noticed the jarring hypocrisy of the Tech Gods. They rush to outdo each other in purging conservative dissent from American life, especially in the wake of Charlottesville, while having given ISIS, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the more sinister species of Ukrainian sadists a platform for years, despite being alerted to it many times by critics.

Facebook and Twitter are the most egregious examples. Supposedly they both received start-up funding from alphabet agencies. It makes sense then, doesn't it? The invaluable Anatoly Karlin recently republished a list of the crackdown - and just in time too, because the original source was then banned from the internet.

This article names names and gives details for all you hard-working Facebook censors about calls to kill, roast alive, and perform other acts of wanton cruelty, and the publication of 1000s of home addresses and those of relatives, of critics of Kiev, and instances of when people have been beaten up and even murdered after their info went public. They even publish names and addresses of parents and spouses. Any comment on this Mark?

Oh, and there is a link to a NATO server. Good stuff here. 

We deliberately left the text in the original language written by the author.

In spring 2014, following anti-Maidan uprising in Crimea and Donbass, Ukrainian ultra-nationalists started collecting, i.e. by illegal means (hacking, phishing, illegal access to the personal data base of the Facebook social network), and publishing on the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) site personal data of foreign journalists who received accreditation in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic/Luhansk People’s Republic (DPR/LPR), businessmen, showmen and other people - citizens of the Ukraine and Russia who either do not approve the new regime in the Ukraine or visited these self-proclaimed republics and/or Crimea.

People whose personal data is posted on this online "black list" automatically labelled as "terrorists" and/or "traitors" which makes them subject to either detention and interrogation by specific methods  (tortures) by the Security Service of the Ukraine (SBU) or direct assassination, like a prominent Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina known for his pro-Russian and pro-federalization views, who was shot by masked assailants two days after his address and other personal data were published on this site.

Other journalists opposing the regime installed as the result of the coup in February 2014 in the Ukraine and enlisted as well in Myrotvorets have to be in exile to continue their work, like  Anatoly Sharij, who has a refugee status in the EU and runs a popular channel on YouTube and a news site. The Myrotvorets administrators accuse Sharij of being "Ukrainophobe. Wanted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In a state of constant cognitive dissonance. For example: homeless in different countries of Europe, hates her, but does not want to go home.".

Another classic example of how this tool for "democracy and human rights advancement" works is the most recent entry in the "Purgatory" list on Myrotvorets of a Russian renowned musician Alexey Kortnev. His "crime" was expressing his views on the Maidan coup and re-unification of Crimea with Russia:


So what did exactly "criminal" Alexey Kortnev say in his respective interviews to listed as a ″terrorist″ on Myrotvorets?

"05/13/2014. On the Maidan, in my opinion, there is something that can be called both a revolution and a coup d'etat - I do not see much difference between the two terms. It seems to me that any revolution is made in the interests of a certain group of the population. It never happens that it is beneficial and good for all people living in the country.

People react very differently - we get quite a large number of reviews for our concerts, and our political statements here in Russia. In Ukraine, we were last time with the band and the theater in December, when one could say there was the beginning of this mess. And the people were much calmer.

But among my Ukrainian friends there is a distinct separation between those who sympathize with our position and someone categorically does not accept it. Where will it all lead to, and what kind of government is it? It seems to me that now people came to power, first of all, confused.

I hope very much that they will be able to put together themselves all the same, and provide a good service to their country, no matter how they were disposed towards Russia.

Although, of course, such a powerful anti-Russian sentiment that exists in Ukraine today is very unpleasant. But this we will somehow survive."

"In recent years, everything that is written .... If it is written at least somehow about what is happening around you, becomes obsolete in just a few months, that's why it's urgent to sing, otherwise in 2-3 months it will not be necessary for anyone,"

said Kortnev, speaking of the new song.  In the text of the song, in particular, there is an excerpt dedicated to the events in Ukraine:

"... Wooden Russia is buried in the mud,

Over the office of pieces, five new buildings are floating

In them live representatives of local elites.

And in the square the meeting is going on,

As it is now in the country:

People rabid with love

Applaud the fraternal war." ttp://,

Creation and maintaining of this site was supported by Anton Gerashchenko, a freelance adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) deputy.

In April 2015 The Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, Valeriya Lutkovskaya, sent a request to the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for bringing to liability of persons involved in the publication of personal data on the Peacemaker website and the blocking of the resource in accordance with Article 23 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

In response, Gerashchenko threatened Lutkovskaya with resignation and stated that the site's work "is extremely important for the national security of Ukraine and anyone who does not understand this or tries to interfere with this work is either a puppet in the hands of others or works against the interests of national security". Later, the Security Service of Ukraine issued an official statement that it did not find violations of Ukrainian legislation in the activities of the Myrotvorets website "since they gather information from open sources only".

So how exactly they obtain personal data which is not publicly available?

After the personal details of about 4,000 Ukrainian and foreign journalists were published on Myrotvorets website in May 2016, on 11 May the Ukrainian prosecutor's office opened a case on illegal distribution of personal data. On 16 May Gerashchenko using his deputy status appealed to the Prosecutor General, Minister of Internal Affairs and the head of the SBU with a demand to close the criminal case initiated against the volunteers of the project" Peacemaker. The site was closed for a short while, and on 20 May an expanded and updated list of data on journalists appeared on the site.

Before promulgating the journalists’ details in 2016 on Myrotvorets, Gerashchenko wrote on his Facebook page that this information was pilfered by Ukrainian hackers. Just a reminder: this was a statement of an advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Interior. No wonder, according to international experts and even Ukrainian press the country has become a Mecca for cyber criminals.  

According to the comments published on Facebook by certain "patriots of the Ukraine" who have been volunteering for filling in Myrotvorets, they have strong connections with Facebook administrators  - Ukrainians (possibly not citizens of this country, but representatives of this ethnic group) who transfer the personal data of Facebook users to the former .

Furthermore, the respective administrators based in the US, as Gerashchenko's assistant Miroslav Oleshko (who maintains multiple accounts on Facebook) publicly boast, upon their requests block Facebook users for no real reasons:


Oleshko was prompt to expresses his gratitude to the "Alexandra, the collaborator from California, born in Kharkov":


As the investigation conducted by the reporter of evidences, in ​​addition to illegally collecting and publishing personal data, representatives of the Myrotvorets openly threaten everyone who is on their lists, including physical punishment of family members as well as regularly post on Facebook inter-nations hatred and violence instigating, abusive and harassing comments.

Oleshko, for example, advocates for murdering all the 100,000 people entered into Myrotvorets lists:

As well as for burning people alive as it was committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis on 2 May 2014 in Odessa city.

Oleshko: ″Death of these clowns saved thousands of Odessa residents and Odessa itself. It was necessary to make barbeque of those Lugansk’s and Donetsk’s …″.

This is the mentality of new Ukrainian ″democrats″ that the US State Department and Congress members have openly supported.  

Despite such comments and posts, Facebook administrators have been very cooperative to restore Oleshko’s principal profile after it was blocked for 30 days, upon his first request:

And this is far from the only case when those who disseminate harmful content, i.e. organizing real world violence or directly inflicting emotional distress on a specific private individual (e.g. bullying) - as long as it is against Russia or its proponents.

What is Orwellian about Oleshko’ principal profile on Facebook, is that common users just cannot block it  - if you try to do this, only the reporting function is triggered, And if you report it, the chances are high that your own profile will be either assaulted by this troll or removed by his collaborators in Facebook administration:

Facebook, despite numerous reports filed by the concerned users, upholds the Myrotvorets official page on which its alternatively bestowed admins with all the seriousness peddle that those who are put in the "Purgatory" sooner or later die "by hard and painful  death", like a famous actress Vera Glagoleva who passed away from cancer (her "crime" was visiting Crimea without SBU permission):

Furthermore, as Gerashchenko announced with the pathos peculiar for new Ukrainian ″ruling class″:

″August 24, 2017, exactly at 00:01, the volunteers of the project "Peacemaker" will launch a unique, unparalleled in the world, open to everyone and everyone "IDENTIGRAF" ID Recognition and Detection System. "

The development of this system took 9 months and was carried out in cooperation with one of the world's most famous social networks.

The uniqueness of this system is that it is the first system in the world that will work in the public domain on the Internet to search for separatists, terrorists and criminals.″:

So if Myrotvorets creators and upholders are challenged and/or ruthless enough to breach both domestic and international laws on personal data protection and laws criminalizing unauthorized access to computer information, does it apply to Facebook corporation as well? What is Facebook’s stakeholders and investors attitude to this?

What can incentivize Facebook and other tech giants to enforce at least their own "community standards", probably  making them to pay fines if they refuse to do so, as Germany did?

P.S.   The site "Myrotvorets" is registered in Canada, Quebec. The server type is represented as  NATO HPWS/3.0.


When scanning from 6 to 22 April 2015, it issued as the reverse domain name, that is, the subdomain of the official site of the NATO military bloc, with NATO's main NATO domain The PTR record provided as a response to a reverse DNS query usually indicates some site location in the domain namespace. The PTR entry is entered in the zone file's master file when setting up the domain system. Thus, the creators of the site may have specifically imitated the link to NATO.

In response to the decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg to block access to the site Myrotvorets under the domain name, the site peddlers registered several "mirror" sites.

In August 2016, the name of the owner of the site, Oksana S. Tinko (who claims that she lives in Thailand on her Facebook page) became known. A Ukrainian lawyer Alexei Romanov, who disclosed the name of the owner of the site, according to his public posts, received death threats immediately after this disclosure.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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