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How to Destroy Free Thought: Harass, Bully, Dox, Censor, Attack

The 'Anti-Defamation League' is a Jewish cartel bent on twisting the facts and slandering those who stand up for ethnic Europeans.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A few days ago, the ADL put out its annual report on extremist violence. It seems that in the year 2018, virtually all “extremist violence” resulting in fatalities (a tiny percentage of all homicides in America, mind you) was committed by right-wingers. Virtually all of it. Now, I suspect there is a whole lot of political violence by lefties, in particular non-white lefties, that is simply not being categorized as “political violence” by the authorities, especially in light of how politicized law enforcement has become in recent years here in the United States. We all know that it takes far more overtness for certain groups to be accused of “hate crimes” and politically motivated violence than it does for whites to be. Indeed, it appears that white people merely smirking could soon be classified as a hate crime here in America. I am therefore highly skeptical that the ADL report really captures the reality on the ground.

Nevertheless, let’s take the ADL’s claim at face value. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that right-wingers really are committing a disproportionate amount of politically motivated violence in America today. Well, that shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Just look at the way the system has treated right-wingers in recent years. Many on the far right aren’t just politically marginalized, they are downright persecuted. James Fields was basically lynched. That’s not to say that Fields is a good guy or even that he was innocent, but that boy received a show trial in the grand [Soviet] tradition. Richard Spencer can’t even walk into a local gym and work out peacefully without being accosted by Marxist radicals. The left has made it into its divine mission not just to silence righties, and to prevent us from participating in American democracy, but to make sure that we can’t even live ordinary, mundane, reasonably miserable lives.

The life of your average right-wing dissident intellectual looks something like this: You get doxed by some left-wing activist and you lose your job because your boss is a normie bigot, so you start making Youtube videos to generate some income. They become quite popular, but then Youtube demonetizes your videos because “hate” or something. So you start writing online articles, but then GoDaddy deplatforms your website. So then you ask for donations from allies and “frens” but Paypal and Patreon won’t give you your own fucking money because you’re a thought criminal. So, you call your cousin for a loan but he’s in jail for merely defending himself from roving mobs of Antifruits. The point I’m trying to make is that if right-wingers are resorting to violence, perhaps the ADL and its allies should stop aggressively wronging and marginalizing right-wingers. That sounds like a good place to start if you want to stop the violence, no?

Masked, armed antifa thugs assault right-wingers as they try to reach a Richard Spencer event at Michigan State University, March 5, 2018

Too many people and organizations that have declared themselves the eternal adversaries of fascism (“Never Again” folk, the ADL, the SPLC, Neocons and Neocucks), have adopted 101 illiberal, quasi-totalitarian (read: “fascist” in normiespeak) methods themselves to combat what they perceive to be fascism (but which really never is). The political left, the ADL included, clearly does not believe in democracy. In a democracy, the people must be free to speak without being censored, banned, or shadowbanned, they must be free to organize without being doxed, they must be free to assemble without being assaulted by angry Neo-Bolsheviks, they must be able to raise money to fund political activism without being denied pay-service, etc. Yet the ADL and the rest of the political left doesn’t want us to be able to do any of these things. They take away our jobs, they take away our pens, they take away our reputations, they take away our social media accounts, and then they vilify us when we pick up guns. They leave decent, sensible Americans no other means to influence surrounding society and to participate in our supposed liberal democracy, and then they vilify those Americans for using the only means they have been left with to exact meaningful change.

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What’s more, not only does the anti-white left (including much of the supposed right, which is, in fact, allied with the anti-white left) vigorously suppress, harass, and subvert the authentic [not anti-white] political right, it flaunts its power over us and demands that we celebrate our own serfdom. Consider the recent actions of Jewish Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, a Republican to be sure, but a neoconservative at that, and a consummate Cultural Marxist. Two weeks ago he was on the front lines cheering for the censure of Steve King, for maybe, possibly saying something insufficiently denunciatory about white nationalism. The ADL spearheaded the effort to censure King and strip him of his committee assignments. Why? No idea. I thought the ADL was in the business of combating anti-semitism. Did King say something anti-semitic though? No. So, what is going on here? Is being pro-white necessarily anti-semitic? Does it follow then that being pro-Jewish is necessarily anti-white?

Never mind the principle of free speech anyhow, which the US Congress, of all institutions, should be upholding, this is really dangerous stuff here. I mean, white people speaking up for themselves or acquiring a sense of racial consciousness? We can’t have that. Anyway, the other day, a mere two weeks after enthusiastically censuring Steve King for not even endorsing white nationalism, Zeldin tweeted that it was high time for the Congress to pass a resolution that he, or perhaps the ADL, drafted, denouncing Louis Farrakhan and the BDS movement, for delegitimizing Israel. In other words, if you believe in white ethnonationalism, you are a monster, and unless you believe in Jewish ethnonationalism, you are a monster. Racial survival for me, white genocide for thee, goy. We whites must celebrate our own dispossession and minoritization (or worse) or we are bigots, and all the while we must celebrate (and also sacrifice our children’s lives for) a nation which exists solely to ensure the survival of a people that hates us (the prominent organizations that purport to speak for this group of people clearly do), and gleefully labels us hateful bigots for simply wanting to survive ourselves. If this is not slavery, what is?

You can not treat a man like a slave and then be shocked when he goes full Spartacus on you. If the ADL wants to stop right-wing political violence, especially against innocent, lowly Jews, it should consult a dictionary and look up the term “hypocrisy”. If ethnonationalism is good enough for the Jews, why isn’t it good enough for whites? At the very least, the ADL must not deny whites the right to simply ask the question. Otherwise it can not be shocked when ordinary white Americans conclude that the people lording over us are not doing so in good faith and with our interests in mind, and consequently decide to take extreme measures to deliver themselves from the yoke of Cultural Marxist tyranny.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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