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How to Become Famous Using Vladimir Putin (Video)

Want to get noticed and quickly become famous? Just sing a song about Putin!


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The secret to inevitable success has been discovered! You sing a song about the Russian president, post it on YouTube - and next morning you wake up a celebrity. And it seems it works whether the song is good or bad: either way you will become famous.

Take a look at several striking examples:

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You're welcome

Number 1. Infamous Russian rock-band Pussy Riot (who sang a song against Putin and danced in the main cathedral in Moscow). This case provoked huge international attention and an ambiguous reaction, several girls went to jail, but in the end, Pussy Riot became widely known around the world. Black PR is still PR, right?

Number 2. The other example - a band A.M.G. with the song “Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin”. It was released by two Africans who first came to Russia as medicine students. In contrast to the first example, they admire the Russian president and his strong will and power. The result: three million views on YouTube and the clip was even picked by the BBC and published in its Trending section.

Number 3. The most recent example of quick success is a girl from Kazan Dilyara Umarova who decided to sing a song with street musicians about the President. The song is quite old and cheesy (about a girl who wanted a man like Putin), but with the great voice of a young singer, the song has gained a new lease on life.

Over a few days, the video clocked almost 2 million views, the girl was noticed by one famous Russian band (“Leningrad”), and people even started to collect signatures to have her be Russia’s representative in the Eurovision song contest. Quite a meteoric rise over just a few days.

And some western mainstream media report that Putin’s ratings are falling and that he is losing popularity among Russians. But do such examples reflect this?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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