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Home Sweet Home: White Helmets Shared Aleppo HQ With Al Qaeda

They shared the Oscar, too

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Everyone knows that the White Helmets have magical powers, such as their immunity to Sarin and their speedy arrival to every scene of every heinous 'Russian war crime'. 

But according to Aleppo residents, the fabled aid organization has a dark, head-chopper side to them. Some people (like people who live in Aleppo) have even argued that the White Helmets are textbook terrorists who role-play as apolitical rescue workers. In other words: The lowest form of human. The toe corns of Al Qaeda. 

<figcaption>True friends.</figcaption>
True friends.

Sometimes the White Helmets even forget what they're wearing and act 'out of character':

As the lovely and always amazing Maria Zakharova pointed out at a recent press briefing, "The White Helmets not only feel at home in Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS-controlled territories but openly sympathize with them and provide them with information and even financial support".

This is a major understatement, according to Aleppo locals.

In an interview conducted on April 30 in Bab Al Nairab, East Aleppo, a local Sheikh explained how Al Qaeda and the White Helmets were friendly flatmates:

In the beginning the [White Helmets'] cars were here and they were in the same building with Nusra Front/Al Qaeda

Q: They were in the same building with Nusra Front/Al Qaeda?

A: Yes, the same building.

Q: Then the White Helmets moved?

A: Yes, they moved across the road.

Yes, the White Helmets might have moved out of ma and pa's basement, but according to the locals, they still participated in kidnapping and torturing civilians. 



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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