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Hillary Clinton Dazzles Memorial Day Crowds With Her Favorite Anti-Seizure Glasses

Hillary Clinton is making her comeback—and she still has her snazzy seizure glasses

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As a brave public servant who once dodged Bosnian sniper fire, Hillary Clinton always looks forward to Memorial Day. She loves the hotdogs. The flags. The crying widows. 

Fashion statement
Fashion statement

And although she recently suffered a major allergy attack, this year was no exception. 

Yes, Hillary Clinton is making her comeback—and apparently she won't leave home without her favorite pair of snazzy blue anti-seizure glasses. 

Her designer glasses really make a statement: "I'm here to show you all that I want to run for president again in 2020, but I also really don't want to have a seizure". Very chic. 

As Dr. Ted Noel explained to Russia Insider back in September:

[Hillary's] blue sunglasses were identified on Parkinson's disease forums as Zeiss Z1 sunglasses. They happen not to be sold in the US. And you saw in that video a man, I believe he actually had dyskinesia tardive, which is one of the major movement disorders where he's sitting with these horrendous, I mean his head is just rapidly doing this thing, and he manages to reach down and get a pair of blue sunglasses, he puts them on, and all of a sudden he's able to sit still. He's able to walk without these major disorders.

And these blue sunglasses have been shown to reduce these major movement disorders. And also to reduce certain seizure, photosensitive seizure disorders. And so you look at that and you say “OK, that's interesting”.

Now you look at the crowd. Who's got sunglasses?

Hillary Clinton!

Moments before losing basic motor skills on September 11, 2016 ... Never Forget:


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