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In an Hilarious Interview Ukraine MP Says Government Being Subverted by Gay Conspiracy

That's a MP for People's Front party of the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk

  • Maybe Ukraine's values aren't really in snyc with those of its western backers?

This article originally appeared at Fort Russ

Past the 1 minute mark, this interview turns into a real trainwreck, he basically claims Ukrainian government is being subverted by a gay conspiracy (transcript added below). And remember -- this dude actually votes on Ukraine's laws.

He's actually one of the better MPs -- not a hardcore Nazi, not a war criminal, no prior corruption convictions. Just an uneducated village redneck who became famous due to being arrested and filmed naked by riot police. 



Mihail Gavriluk, MP from Yatsenyuk's People's Front party

"Zolotoi Baton" Journalist (ZBJ): An... intimate video with [leader of Radical Party] Oleg Lyashko has been posted on the Internet. What do you...

MG: What new [scandal] with Lyashko? What video?

ZBJ: Haven't you seen? 

MG: No. Quit hinting, say openly - what was in it.

ZBJ: Well, it's a video where, supposedly, Oleg Lyashko is making love to another man.

MG: Haha, no, I haven't seen it. Well, that's his personal business, if he likes it - that's fine. We can't forbid other people to do what they will. But one must do it in private. And it turned out that this private matter has now been seen by all. I think he should have been hiding better.

ZBJ: You know that was filmed in the conflict zone? 

MG: In a warzone, even... Oh wow. Well, maybe that's how he likes it, maybe it excites him... Can't say much here. No comment, hehe.

ZBJ: Also, can you tell us, how many pillow biters in our Parliament?

MG: Oh wow, how many... Up to one half, I would say. And they're helping each other...

ZBJ: I understand. This is... it's very bad!

MG: Of course it's very bad. Soon, they will reign over us!

ZBJ: Oh wow!

MG: They want to [confuse] our people. They are pulling each other to the top, bringing their lovers into Parliament. You never know who's a lover to whom. But they are helping each other, and more and more get into MP seats. And that's how it goes, on and on... And now, our President also wants gay parades, to legalize [gay] marriages, so you know what will happen if we allow it to continue...

ZBJ: What is your opinion on gay parades here [in Kiev]?  

MG: You know, historically, Cossacks, if they found a man with a man, or woman with a woman, they would think it's from the Devil and trample them with horses, into dust. I reckon they weren't wrong. 

ZBJ: Do you think this should be done to Oleg Lyasko? 

MG: Well, that's not something I can do, hehe. 

PS. Oh, and Gavrilyuk also advocated legalizing prostitution. There are plenty more hilarious interviews, stay tuned.



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