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Hey Liberal Europe, You Are in Trouble!

A far-Right Eurosceptic was less than one step from becoming President of Austria

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The author is a popular Ukrainian blogger with a big following in Russia.

Not yet President but close

Norbert Hofer came 0.1% short in the popular vote, a microscopic gap between Austrian presidential nominees in the second round of elections. 

It doesn’t matter that the office is mostly symbolic, that the president doesn’t influence the economy or the country’s foreign policy. The very fact that a far-right party gained 35% in the first round and almost 50% in the second shows that Europe has a problem.

And not in some vague future, but now. A BIG PROBLEM. The clash between refugees and Islamists in Europe is not just unresolved, it is growing bigger with each passing month as right-wing parties increase their electoral support.

I don’t think that something like this is possible today:


But it’s very likely that right wing Eurosceptics will come to power, tearing Europe apart from inside.

Source: Live Journal

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