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Here Is Why President Trump Should Deport All Russians as Well as Muslims

Because it would be good for Russia

A highly original line of argument by the always unconventional Israel Shamir. He argues that Muslims around the world should root for a Trump presidency precisely because he would close America's borders to Muslim immigration. To illustrate his argument he uses the example of Russian emigration to the US which is also interesting to us. Here we give you the most relevant part. To read the entire thing click here:

However, I’ll tell you: if Trump would promise to ban the Russians (instead of Muslims) from migrating to the US, these sensible people would applaud him vigorously instead of calling him a bigot. If he were to send back home all the Russians who migrated since 1990, they would name streets after him. For two reasons:

1) Migration to the US is a serious brain-drain and a problem for Russia – and for all other nations as well. Well-educated specialists, doctors and engineers, technicians and accountants leave their home countries and bring their precious human capital to the US.

2) What’s worse, many important Russians prepare to leave for the US, and whatever they do at home is done for the good of the US, rather than for the good of their own country.

Look, for instance, at Mr Andrei Kozyrev, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and now a happy burgher of Florida. He was a predecessor of mighty Sergey Lavrov and a successor to the iron man Andrei Gromyko, “Mr Nyet”, but he could be called “Mr Da”, Da being Yes in Russian.

A full paid and owned CIA agent in his position would never be able to wreck as much damage to Russia as Mr Kozyrev did. He was the man who brought NATO eastwards, all the way to Russian border. He was the man who withdrew the Russian Army from Germany without any strings attached. He said that national interests (of Russia) are of no importance next to human (read: Western) values. He supported sanctions and the tribunal on Serbia, he stopped Cuban trade and almost destroyed Cuba. He sold his country down the river, and now he lives in the US and advises the government how can they overthrow Mr Putin and institute “regime change”.

It would be nice if Mr Trump were to deport Mr Kozyrev and his ilk back to his Mother Russia. This would teach present-day-Kozyrevs to remain loyal to their country. Russians would applaud the blessed bigotry of the new American president.

What is true regarding the Russians, is also true regarding the Muslims, and all the rest. Immigration is a way to accept turncoats and to pick brains. A good Muslim doctor moves to the US: this means a Muslim country will have to do without a doctor. A Muslim politician moves to the US: this means the man worked for the US benefit for many years.

You know immigration is bad for the receiving country’s workers, but immigration is bad for the donor countries, as well. If I were an American Muslim (and I am neither), I’d vote for Mr Trump because of his promise to ban Muslim immigration. If I care for Mexico, I’d vote for Mr Trump because of his promise to build the wall between the states. Via this porous border the US sucks out most dynamic men and women from Mexico.

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