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As you may know we have been helping thousands of civilians across the DPR controlled area of Donbass.

These people have been extremely affected by the Ukraine war and they receive no aid from the Ukraine government.

<figcaption>Dear Neocons, you have their blood on your hands (again)</figcaption>
Dear Neocons, you have their blood on your hands (again)

Here is a video from our most recent Humanitarian aid distribution.  Artillery destroyed a home as we were distributing.

After touring Zaitsevo with the OSCE SMM's Chief Monitor A. Hug & the DPR's Eduard Basurin yesterday, and seeing the toll the war is having on the civilian population there, I have decided to start preparing for a humanitarian aid distribution there.

The people have been living without electricity for over three months. They literally live on the front line. There is shelling every night. We want to help them.

In the next two days I will head to Rostov Russia to pick up some supplies, diapers, flashlight,etc. Monday or Tuesday We will hold a distribution in Zaitsevo and do our best to make their day a bit better.

Help us help the people in Zaitsevo by donating via Paypal:

[email protected]

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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