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Hating on the Bear -- What For??

The Guardian:

"There is no mystery about why the accusations took hold. It was in part because Trump had said early on that he thought he could do business with Putin, earning him the reputation of being soft on big bad Russia.

Then the Democrats at their convention chose to divert blame for the hacking of their computer system on to Russian intelligence. This was never conclusively proved and all the supposedly corroborating statements from US officials contained get-out clauses.

People with intelligence connections suggested that everyone tried to hack everyone’s computers, especially at election time, without any intention of actually interfering. 

The truth of any Russian involvement will probably never be known. But certain myths that gained currency need to be dispelled.

One was that Trump was receiving privileged information from Russia. In fact, anything he said was already openly available before he said it.

Another was that Trump had complicated and suspect business dealings with Russia. No evidence was ever produced – despite what must have been exhaustive efforts by the Clinton campaign – beyond a campaign adviser official, Paul Manafort, who had once advised the ousted president of Ukraine.

There also seems to have been some confusion between Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union, which hardly reflects well on the accusers."  

Someone explain to me how Russia threatens the security interests of the United States, or even those of the NATO countries into which the US has pushed the alliance? Explain it to me. Is it by flying too close to our ships? Is it by legally fighting on the side of the Syrian government? Is it Russia's refusal to abandon ethnic Russians in SE Ukraine to the tender ministrations of the fascists in Kiev? How is it?

Do they threaten our security interests by existing? Is that it? Does their possession of land and armed force automatically make us see them as "enemies?" I have actually heard them referred to with that word in the boobocrat world of the MSM. Actually, Jake Tapper, the election night dancing man, called them that today.

Are we really so pathetically juvenile as a country that we must dominate the world? If so, to what end? The nice lady from Ft. Brooklyn lost the election. Making the world safe for "the children" was one of her major themes. Robbie Mook, her little friend, cried today at her concession speech. He should. He will be known forever as a loser after this disaster.

Trump wants to have better relations with Russia? How terrible! Why did the Deplorables vote for him? Perhaps something should be done abut these creatures who "live in the hills with Bibles and guns"  (MSNBC anchor today). Perhaps they should not have the same voting rights as the Enlightened.

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