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Has FOX News Turned on Trump? They Joined the Russia Hysteria after Putin Meeting

"There was no Russian/Trump collusion folks. No invasion of Ukraine and no annexation of Crimea. No Russian involvement in the Skripal poisoning and no evidence that Russia meddled in our election. This Russian meddling narrative is all part of the ongoing effort to dump Trump."

“You’ve been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances
by an American President at a summit in front of a Russian leader, surely,
that I have ever seen. It’s embarrassing!”

— Anderson Cooper, CNN Host

“I would say that this was significant diplomacy. The Neo-Cons aren’t
very happy because Trump sounded pretty reasonable. I think Trump
won on this, and I don’t think Putin was seen in a bad light.”

— Ron Paul, Former Congressman and Presidential Candidate (speaking for reasonable Americans)

by Patrick J. McShay

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump doesn’t trust the U.S. Intelligence Community. After all, the FBI and the DOJ are still refusing to release documents that would separate the Patriots from the traitors in the conspiracy to derail the Trump campaign before the election and obstruct his presidency if he was elected.

Republican Congressmen are considering the impeachment of Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as I write this, for his obstruction of the Congressional investigation into the alleged Russian collusion by refusing to provide documents that would expose the traitors.

The media is breathlessly reporting that the criticism of Trump is bi-partisan, citing statements from Never Trump globalist trash like Traitor McCain, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake and Paul Ryan. Every American with a pea size brain understands that change is coming soon.

Trump is right to bring up the missing server. Had the investigation into Hillary’s server played out like the Mueller investigation, they would have seized the servers and Imran Awan and a whole bunch of Obama administration traitors would be in prison. I wrote it in my article, “Is Imran Awan Blackmailing Congress?

What the Marxists on the Left don’t understand is the Patriots on the Right are patiently seething. Be careful what you wish for.

Trump needs to fire Rosenstein immediately and release all of the documents that Rosenstein has refused to produce under a Congressional subpoena. What does he have to lose; the animus directed toward him since the meeting in Helsinki can’t get much worse. I say, “Damn the torpedoes, and full speed ahead!”

People are waking up to the fact that the intelligence agencies under Barack Obama and the so-called Republican’s in name only (RINO) all worked together to try to defeat Trump from day one.

They also know that many of these traitors worked on covering up the little-known scandal at the time, known as the “Uranium One deal”, involving the transfer of 20% of all US uranium to Russia. and enriched the Clinton Foundation to the tune of $140 million. Trump should immediately order an audit of the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

These same politicians bashing Trump today looked the other way when the Uranium One deal was going down. The intelligence officials under Obama, including Rosenstein, Brennan and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, helped push this deal through, overlooking rampant lawlessness that was covered up by these intelligence community criminals. These are the men Trump must trust on Russian meddling?

A Uranium One whistleblower — William Campbell — was ready to testify in this case over a year ago and the public still hasn’t heard from him. Why not? Do I smell a cover-up?

The complicit media puts these people so high on a pedestal you can’t see their shit-eating grins until we see them in a courtroom, just the way FBI agent Peter Strzok’s was exposed in front of a Congressional hearing last week. It wasn’t pretty. Why isn’t Chuck Schumer calling for a hearing on Uranium One? Why hasn’t Trump?

Vladimir Putin dropped a bombshell during that press conference that, shamefully, no one at Fox is talking about. During the question and answer portion of the press conference, Putin, answering a question about the baseless charges against 12 more Russians that had nothing to do with Trump, accused US Intelligence officers of funneling $400 million from a Russian businessman he said obtained the money illegally, into the Hillary Clinton campaign. There were no follow-up questions from anybody… Mr. Wallace, paging Mr. Wallace.

There is apparently little media interest in the criminal activity involving Barack Obama Hillary Clinton. Trump could change that.

Fox News hosts and pundits were so busy crying about Trump’s perceived betrayal of the intelligence community, they apparently didn’t have time to talk about the real treason and criminality that appears to have been rampant in the Obama Administration and has dogged the Clintons for decades.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

I’m not sure I can ever watch whiny wimp, Never Trump Neal Cavuto again. Cavuto said that Trump’s refusal to confront Putin about these unproven allegations was “disgusting!” Really Neal? Cavuto’s Trump derangement syndrome is as bad or worse than 3 p.m. host on Fox News, Shepard Smith. Dopey Shep just recently signed a new long-term deal with Fox, so are the Never Trumpers their desired audience? Boycott Neal!

Fox News likes to bring on former military officers like General Jack Keene and Col. Ralph Peters to push the various ongoing false narratives and pound the propaganda into viewers brains. Think 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria, Ukraine and Russian meddling.

Another reason they bring them on is to put a positive spin on Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and the genocide of their people. They count on the public’s ignorance and blind support of Israel to ensure continued support of the Jewish apartheid state despite their atrocities. Wake up and end the cycle!

Despite the fact that Putin let the cat is out of the bag on US and Israeli support for Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front, and ISIS in Syria during a UN speech 2 years ago, General Keene, just today assured Fox viewers that no, it was not the US-backed terrorists that killed those Syrians and drove millions into refugee status, it was President Assad who was killing his own people.

Weren’t we told the same lie about Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya as an excuse to send in American troops?

This narrative has long been discredited by reporters on the ground like longtime award-winning British investigative reporter and war correspondent Robert Fisk as well as Canadian journalist, Eva Bartlett, who, after a recent trip to Syria, said everything presented in the mainstream media about Syria is a lie.

Trump wisely said not long ago that he wants to pull troops out of Syria, but new NSA and Israeli puppet John Bolton just announced that US troops will remain in Syria until the “Iranian Menace” is wiped from the map.

Has he run that by Trump? Israel continues to drive American foreign policy and we need a president with the courage to end that cycle.

Putin also corrected Never Trumper Chris Wallace during their interview when he called the alliance between Russia and Crimea an annexation. Putin, educating Wallace, explained to him that Crimeans voted in a nationwide referendum overseen by international monitors to leave Ukraine and join with Russia.

Why doesn’t the smug and divisive Mr. Wallace already know this? Why does Fox News continue to push the false annexation narrative?

We hear a lot about election interference and Stormy Daniels but we have yet to hear the truth about Ukraine from the liars on Fox. If you are a regular Fox viewer you probably believe Russia invaded Ukraine. They didn’t. If all you hear are lies from your favorite news source, at the end of the day that’s what you will believe.

The truth is, the US, Israel and our NATO allies plotted a violent coup in Kiev in 2014, led by Obama’s former State Department official, Neo-Con Victoria Nuland, and pushed by psycho Senators, traitor John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to engineer regime change and take out the duly elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

Nuland hand-picked Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, after Yanukovych fled the country. Wouldn’t that be considered worse than meddling in an election? The coup divided the country and set off a horrible civil war that is still being fought today!

The US, of course, has taken sides and is currently arming Poroshenko’s military. Just spreading some freedom and democracy. Sound familiar?

Obama has admitted that Yanukovych was too Russian-centric and he preferred someone more Washington-centric. When it happened during the Obama Administration, the media wasn’t allowed to be outraged about anything.

Nuland also reportedly connected FBI officials with British agent Christopher Steele who put together the phony Trump dossier. Sounds like everyone in the Obama administration was working to get Trump.

The Russians entered Syria to fight US-backed terrorists with their long-time allies the Syrian people. The Fox News narrative on Syria is as phony as their narrative on Ukraine.

There was no Russian/Trump collusion folks. No invasion of Ukraine and no annexation of Crimea. No Russian involvement in the Skripal poisoning and no evidence that Russia meddled in our election. This Russian meddling narrative is all part of the ongoing effort to dump Trump.

The reason these politicians and media liars continue their attacks on Trump and were so fearful he might have a private meeting with Putin is the fear that he will get the real truth on these important issues.

Because don’t forget, up until now he’s gotten his news from Fox, so he’s likely as clueless as their hosts and the rest of their audience.

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