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Hapless Adam Schiff is Getting Destroyed Over Russian Phone Prank (Videos)

Politics is the ultimate bloodsport

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Ever since the distinctly weird ((( Adam Schiff ))) hovered into prominence as the lead Russia witch-hunter, I had a sense that we are entering into a kind of political twilight, when the truly goofy and congenitally challenged take center stage. How did this guy ever get in to politics? Couldn't a well-meaning relative or friend have gently let him know he just isn't cut from the right cloth?

The man is superbly Dickensian, and emanates dishonesty in his every word and darting glance of his bulging eyes, - does he have a thyroid disorder? His very existence is a sign that there is, in fact a God, and that he has a great sense of humor, bestowing the most shifty of men the last name of Schiff, and crowning his short career with the pushing of a very dumb and transparent lie.

His head resembles a pumpkin, nay, a balloon, ... in search of a needle, and the necessary pinprick may well have just been performed by the legendary Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus.

A side note on these guys - they are superbly, wonderfully brilliant, and what they have gotten away with is jaw-dropping - pranking three other political curiosities, Nikki Haley, John McCain, Maxine Waters, and many others. They are Russia's answer to James O'Keefe, with about 1000th the budget, or more precisely, no budget at all, just a smartphone, some contacts at the KGB who get them the cell phone numbers of world leaders, and a good sense of humor. I wonder if they have secretly been awarded Russia's highest award for services to the Fatherland? 

Vovan and Lexus's feats now number in the dozens, but this one might be the one that truly draws political blood. It was the right image at the right time, and Schiffty's enemies are having a field day.

Here's Tucker Carlson doing his "I don't know about you, but it seems to me" deadpan routine, with Republican congressman Matt Gaetz pulling the trigger as Carlson sets him up for one kill shot after another:

Or if you prefer the alt-media scene, here's Mark Dice's viral (330k views in less than a day), very entertaining take on it:

And if you want print, then the always reliable Roger Stone offered his take on Schiff yesterday. True, he doesn't mention the pranking, but this is good stuff nonetheless:

Rounding out the two-man/one-brain scream team, scraped from not even the bottom of the barrel but out of the slime underneath it, is the execrable egghead from (where else?) California who truly puts the “con” in congressional, West Hollywood’s own Adam Schiff a bug-eyed cretin who’s designs on Diane Feinstein’s U.S. Senate seat collapsed when the crumby old doll decided to run yet again.

Schiff is the manic bug-eyed talking points drone with the charming demeanor of a mad scientist serial killer. This smarmy piece of schiff definitely puts the Schiff in schiffty.

Typically, Schiff is a one-man gang of devious misleading sophistry, epitomizing the age of Clintonian power spin. 

Schiff is definitely a sign of something, something other-worldly and end-timesish. We watch with wonder.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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