A 1954 Look at Iconic GUM Mall on Red Square (Video)

An intriguing insight into the workings of the elegant department store that sits opposite the Kremlin

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Subtitle by Julia Rakhmetova

If you have ever been to Moscow, you couldn’t have missed it: the State Department Store, or GUM. Designed by great Russian architects in the 1800s and situated right across the Red Square from the Kremlin wall, it is THE Russian Store, a cult place for locals and natives.

Watch this nostalgic video from 1954: it will you give you an idea of how it worked then – not just what it sold but how the whole infrastructure was organized with kilometers of underground supply chains and dozens of elevators.

In those days, the re-opening of GUM in all its splendor was a sign of post-war recovery. Later it became symbolize of Soviet life: better supplied than ordinary shops, it was criss-crossed by lines at every counter.

Now it has lost that democratic flavor and showcases eхpensive boutiques.

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