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Guess Who's Funding the Anti-Trump Protests

George Soros, the same man responsible for funding 'color revolutions' in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, is subverting American politics as well 

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By now, Donald Trump political rallies have become famous for their disruptions caused by protestors. It has almost become a ritual. Protestors concealed within the crowd begin disruptions one after the other, with Trump yelling "get 'em out!" until they are removed by police (which, since his events are private, he has a perfect right to do). 

These persons are not interested in actually debating Trump, but rather just interfering with his speech.

A protestor is removed from a Trump event in Birmingham, AL

Now the Washington Times confirms the protests are not spontaneous, but are paid and organized by radical left NGO, which has taken credit for causing Trump's March 11th rally in Chicago to be canceled due to security concerns over the strength of protests.

A protest outside Trump Tower in New York on March 23rd was organized by and the "Occupy Movement." Participants were recruited using ads placed on Craigslist, and were paid $16 an hour for carrying out the protest. is funded by billionaire "liberal democracy" promoter George Soros

Yes, that is the very same George Soros who is better known for engineering murder and mayhem across Eastern Europe, most recently in Ukraine. Soros sponsors a myriad of "civil society" groups and NGOs in Ukraine and other countries.

He was a supporter of the Maidan coup which overthrew Ukraine's legal government, and his International Renaissance Fund (along with the US and Dutch embassies) directly finances Russophobic propaganda channel Hromadske TV, which appeared suddenly just in time to cheer on the Maidan protests (actually, riots). 

Soros isn't satisfied with just funding According to the New York Times he's now putting up $15 million to "mobilize Latinos and other immigrants" against Donald Trump.

In addition, via Soros Fund Management, he is providing big money for the campaign of moderate-left RINO (Republican in Name Only) candidate John Kasich, whose nomination is considered possible if Trump fails to achieve a majority of delegates and is forced into a brokered convention. 

George Soros has good reason to hate Donald Trump. Soros hates national sovereignty, and so naturally, he hates Russia. He has long been an advocate of such causes as open borders, free trade, and expansion of the EU and NATO.
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Hated by the same people who hate Russia - and for the same reasons

Mr. Trump extols national sovereignty and wants to "get along" with Russia. He advocates building a wall on the Mexican border, negotiating "fair" trade with other nations, and recently said NATO was "obsolete." 

Anybody who is sure Trump is a stalking horse candidate and does not represent a legitimate threat to the US political establishment, would do well to consider this fact: Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump don't just share largely overlapping political positions.

They also share the same enemies.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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