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Greeks Warned Not to Ride With Putin by Mainstream

[Updated] Greece’s Prime Minister is meeting with Russia’s Vladmir Putin today to discuss closer relations and a possible bailout of the Greek economy. Meanwhile, western mainstream media exhibits fearful commentary on the potential. 

The Obama administration and the EU are terrified today. They’re terrified Greece will get bailed out by Vladimir Putin. How can we tell, you ask? Well, because mainstream media is warning Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras all about it, that's how. Despite many fears of a mechanical breakdown of Russia's system, however, even Putin's old 1956 Volga is still running. 

[Breaking Update] The President's office has just released initial news of Vladimir Putin's meeting this morning with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Readers can read the minutes and greetings of this first meeting here, but the tone set is dynamically charged with mutual interests past and present in between the two countries. One key common point of resonance is so far evident in Mr. Putin's and Mr. Tsipras' references to spirituality, and to the common ties to the defeat of Nazism in World War II. Russia Today  (RT) is airing the LIVE press conference now. 

<figcaption>Hop in Alexis! It's a Volga, and it runs great (Vladimir Putin's Personal Website)</figcaption>
Hop in Alexis! It's a Volga, and it runs great (Vladimir Putin's Personal Website)

In the New York Times yesterday, the headline read: “Greece Should Be Wary of Mr. Putin.”  The gist of the argument of that piece boils down to “Putin cannot afford Greece.” Follow along with me here; this was not from some vested authority Op-Ed author, mind you, but from the entire editorial board of the world's most famous newspaper. My immediate thoughts turn to Russian gold reserves, a rebounding rouble, and Putin’s calm hand waving across Cuba’s $35.2 billion in debt, forgiven, once and forever. Well, clearly sanctions and interested editors make a huge difference, so I could be wrong in assessing such fears. Maybe the 380,000 mainstream media outlets, plus Google News, showed this morning are, one and all, idealistically terrified for the Greeks? Oh, but the reports, they are in English?

Tongue in cheek dismissed for the moment, the UK’s Telegraph also warns Greece (and us) of Europe’s admonition to Tsipras: ​Putin can't save you!' Apparently the British journalism crowd also cannot add two and two. I say “Moscow offering cheap gas and loans to the Greek cash-starved government” is a life preserver. Yep, there are already assurances, New York newspapers’ ideas notwithstanding. But wait, remember Chicken Little and the sky really is falling in on Greece if Tsipras makes one wrong move! The Telegraph has already created a graphic to strike fear into the hearts of every Greek.

Okay, I won’t roast any Telegraph or New York Times editors here (for now). I do wonder if any of these people ever heard the phrase “Nothing left to lose” before? Faced with an unpayable bill, austerity that will end up causing a revolution in Sparta, and sanctions on Russia crippling paraplegic farmers in Greece, is pissing German or Luxembourg bankers off really so bad? I mean, just how bad could Russia, or China, or Iran or North Korea be, when compared to sharp toothed Rothschild wannabe financiers, that is?

Dmitry Peskov as CBS' first TV anchor - It could happen
Dmitry Peskov as CBS' first TV anchor - It could happen if our networks keep screwing up

Ooooh! I know 100 Greeks business people quaking in their tsarouhi at the thoughts of the ire of Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, and London. As for New York, most Greeks remember Goldman Sachs and hundreds of millions in CEO take home pay for American bankers.

I have an idea, though; let’s wait for Vladimir Putin to announce the findings via Dmitry Sergeyevich Peskov (caricatured above). Better yet, Mr. Putin now has his own personal website nobody much knows about. I surprised you there, didn’t I?

Expect more surprises from the Kremlin later on. As for western mainstream media, you can expect the same old fears and cheers. [Update goes here.  From the LIVE coverage by RT moments ago, I'd bet on a Russian pipeline going through Greece real soon). 

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