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Greeks Approve of Russia's Leadership over EU's

As the stalemate between Greece and the EU continues, Greeks appear to be even more weary of Europe and more in tune with Russia

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The future is East, the future is Euro-Asia. Europe is devoid of leadership, cash, and ethics.

<figcaption>Putin and Tsipras, meeting next week</figcaption>
Putin and Tsipras, meeting next week

Greeks may finally be waking up to the fact that the EU was not all it was cracked up to be.

Or maybe Greeks just want to be a free and sovereign state again, instead of living under the heavy hand of Brussels' unelected technocrats, who, in essence, take their orders from Washington.

No wonder Russia's strong leadership outpaces Europe's vassal, banker dictatorship.

In a week's time Tsipras will be in Moscow, expect big things.

Leadership poll
Leadership poll

Chart from Goldman Sachs, hat tip to Zero Hedge.

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