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GPS Enthusiast Eliot Higgins Admits Dream to Work as Gov't-Paid Propagandist

The tireless crusader against "Kremlin propaganda" admits frustration at not winning a NATO grant

He bills himself a "citizen investigative journalist", but at the end of the day Higgins would just really love to get some of that government propaganda dollar. He is upset and frustrated NATO governments are throwing taxpayers' money at "ineffective bullshit", when they could be throwing it at him instead. He says so himself:

He is right too. He's definitely better at effective propaganda than NATO governments, but why even make the comparison?

Any real investigative journalism outlet I know of would be offended by a comparison to a state-funded "anti-propaganda" program, yet here is Higgins making the comparison himself—and crying that he's not getting any government money for it after providing such a great service to them.


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