For Agreeing With Putin on Crimea, Gorbachev May Be Blacklisted by Kiev

What a crazy reaction to his interview in UK newspaper

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The father of Perestroika, the Soviet president who paved way for Ukrainian independence, should be glad monuments to him have not been erected there. Otherwise they could have been demolished, just as those to another of Ukraine’s founding fathers, Vladimir Lenin.

Gerashchenko (right) pledges to make Gorbachev persona non grata in the EU

Ukraine’s social networks and media are seething with indignation at Gorbachev’s statement that the Crimea belongs to Russia. As often happens, Ukraine’s nationalists went into hysterics, according to the Russian Online newspaper Vzglyad.

Last weekend, the last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev said in the interview to the British tabloid Sunday Times that the Crimea is ours. The former Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union supports Vladimir Putin’s decision on the Crimea’s reunification with Russia and would do the same if he were him.  

“I’m always for the free expression of the people’s will and the majority of the Crimea’s citizens wanted annexation with Russia”, - Gorbachev explained to British readers.

Anton Gerashchenko, the odious Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and Councillor to the Minister of Internal Affairs was quick to react:

“In such cases, the Security Service of Ukraine makes the decision on entry bans for people who support the violation of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine. However, I can’t remember him coming here lately, he has nothing to do here. We will address ourselves to our European diplomatic partners, asking them not to accept him in Europe and make no investments in his foundation that fosters hatred between Russia and the Ukraine”,.

These words are symptomatic of Ukraine’s complexes.

First, they would keep out anyone who doesn’t share Ukraine’s view of reality. Even in the USSR, they let in politicians, journalists and intellectuals who were against communism in general and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in particular. Probably, even North Korea isn’t as self-conscious as the Ukraine and doesn’t keep track of their potential guests’ statements.

Second is their determination to dictate how Europe should act. European politicians are regularly surprised with the Ukraine, which has been told not to expect an invitation to join the EU anytime soon, acting as though it was one of the founding fathers of the European Union. They still remember the scandal that broke out in Germany after Angela Merkel ‘dared’ to meet with Vladimir Putin. ‘Frau Ribbentrop’ was the most innocent label the Ukrainian commentators gave her.

This is not the first interview in which the former Soviet President commented positively on the Crimean Referendum. Svobodnaya Pressa published a selection of related interviews of Gorbachev where he said the same things:  

“People voted voluntarily, and a majority chose to develop as part of the Russian Federation. It was bound to happen”, - as of March 2014.

“First, there was a referendum in the Crimea that clearly defined the will of its citizens. Besides, the Crimea is Russia and you can try to prove the opposite”, - as of March 2016.

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