Good News! More IOC Members Supported Russia than America

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The decision not to keep the Russians out of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro must have cost the IOC President Thomas Bach a couple of years of his life.

IOC President Thomas Bach
IOC President Thomas Bach

Many countries are IOC members and apparently they were faced with a difficult choice: either quarrel with the US or with us.

It turns out that many more countries are with us. Although the decision is a compromise, it’s clear that the world has changed and the US is not so almighty anymore.

We can give a sigh of relief and pay attention to FIFA: the preparations for taking the championship from us are well under way. Whether the Americans will succeed in frightening the FIFA members, we will see in the next two years. But they will certainly try.

FIFA is under pressure fighting corruption and this will be a strong point for the US. Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini have already been fired, the new President, Gianni Infantino, is also suspected of corruption. Just recently he was questioned by the Ethics committee.

In the run-up to the 2018 World Championship, the sports world and the rest will be in a fever. We will hear surprising exposures and revelations. The info war is heating up.

That’s ok, even funny, if only we don’t end up with a «hot» stage.

Source: Live Journal

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