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Glenn Greenwald: Evidence That Assad Used Gas 'Overwhelming' - Amy Goodman Agrees!

Greenwald just said something completely crazy

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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I was watching Amy Goodman's much admired 'Democracy Now' over bacon this morning, looking forward to Glenn Greenwald setting the nation straight, as he can usually be relied upon to do, and he explained to the credulous masses, that in fact, it seems to him that Assad had used chemical weapons, and that the evidence was 'overwhelming'. Goodman didn't blink, and then of all things, cut to video of Ben Cardin, the senator from the great state of AIPAC, saying the same thing and demanding war, to reinforce the point, in case some of the sheeple out there weren't getting her drift.

Please don't ask me why I was watching this uber-liberal show whose views on many things I find reprehensible. It is a tedious story of no importance. Goodman is good on some things, but terrible on most. She has been pushing the Russiagate lie, which is telling, but I suppose you could argue that if she didn't her whacko liberal base would drop her. Still, there is much admirable in her work.

Here is the segment with Greenwald

Greenwald and Goodman have crossed every red line out there for any sane person on the left or the right with this obvious, transparent lie. I will not even try to speculate what they are thinking - are they in fact ZOG controlled opposition, or just trying to buy credibility with someone? Why would they try to give legitimacy to what is just another of a long line of false flags, which no longer work, because they have been so completely and emphatically exposed as such. For a truthful explanation of this latest CIA / Mossad caper, check out Syrian Girl's video of today. Now THAT is honest, independent journalism.

We know that one big donor to Goodman and her ad-free show, is none other than George Soros. She does not publicize her donor list, but I have little doubt that it includes some real princes of this fair republic. She should make it public. You can listen to her here waxing lyrical about: 

"A truly powerful media must be willing to hold those in power accountable. Donate to Democracy Now! to support the hard-hittingindependent journalism ... (Emphasis mine)

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what passes for top-tier 'alternative', opposition media in the US, this of the liberal variety of personality disorder. I again call upon my audience, we HAVE to build the right kind of media, which is RIGHT on the issues.

Yes, tell us all about it Amy

I explained at length and in-depth what we need to do to make this happen in a recent major article. Last night the world again swerved dangerously close to war, and is a little closer today than it was yesterday, with nerves just a bit more frayed. We are nearing a breaking point.

There can be no overstating the danger we are in - and the biggest cause of that danger is the media who mislead and lead to war.

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Folks, we have to do something.

If we don't we will all perish as fools.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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