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'Get Me Roger Stone' is an Excellent Film, Must-See to Understand Trump's America

I recently watched 'Get Me Roger Stone' the excellent Netflix documentary about the famed Republican political operative who was a player in the Nixon and Reagan eras, and who has recently burst back onto the national scene through his association with candidate Trump, his role in 'Russia-gate', and the national pulpit he has as a close partner and co-host with Alex Jones's alt-media juggernaut, Infowars.

This trailer captures the spirit of the film so well, so watch it first to get a sense of what it's about:

Part of what makes the film a pleasure to watch is that Stone is inherently entertaining, a kind of political performance artist / shock jock, complete with extravagant Tom Wolfe style haberdashery and devastating, carefully conceived and delivered bon mots.

But beyond the entertainment factor, the film is required viewing for understanding the Trump wave. One reason, I think, why Stone and Jones get on so well and function so well as a team is that they both have a nose for which way the popular political winds are blowing. An old hand at American politics, Stone understood Trump's appeal, and suggests in the film that he actually orchestrated his candidacy. Did he really? - we'll never know, but it is interesting to speculate.

The film is hardly a puff-piece, with the usual suspects from the mainstream media weighing in and wringing their hands about Stone, albeit with a smile as they admit that he is a pretty funny guy.

The film covers Stone's early career as a Nixon man, and his years as a high-rolling political consultant with his partner Paul Manafort, in the Reagan years, and this too provides fascinating insight into the history of those times.

Good stuff. Check it out. Stone's website,, is also well worth following. Among other things, he writes very well.  We've carried a few of his articles that relate to Russia. I wonder if that counts as 'Russia Collusion'? Stone is frequently mentioned by the Russiagate witch hunters as a key 'person of interest.'

Dear Mssrs. Schiff and Mueller, I eagerly await my supeona, I'd love to explain it to you in front of an audience.

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