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With Putin Approval at 89% a Top German Politician Slams Russia Sanctions Again

Matthias Platzeck is a former chief of Germany's Social Democratic Party and a former Brandenburg premier of 11 years

  • he has been an outspoken critic of Berlin's Russia policy since the outbreak of Ukraine crisis


The effect of EU sanctions against Russia has had the opposite effect and is not what was expected in the European Community; they must be adjusted or canceled, said Matthias Platzeck, head of the German-Russian Forum, Monday at a press conference.

German-Russian Forum is the organizer of the 13th German-Russian conference of the twin cities, which takes place Monday in Karlsruhe.

"The results of the sanctions were not the ones we expected. They were exactly the opposite, "- said Platzeck.

According to him, the sanctions have not only failed to end the conflict in Ukraine, but have not increased pressure on the Russian leadership on the part of the Russian population. Platzeck presented the results of opinion polls, according to which 89 percent of the Russian population support the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

"We got the opposite result in the development of these sanctions. This means that these measures should be amended or repealed, "- concluded Platzeck.

These sanctions are not only hard on Russia, Germany and all over Europe, they can deliver some of the market-share to third countries, particularly the US and China, who come to the Russian market, taking advantage of the weakening of European trade, said Platzeck.


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